ATC dropped out on a short flight

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Flying from HAMK to FEFF, ATC stopped working at the handoff between Addis Abeba and Juba centers (at about DASTU). Just after waypoint MERON, I tuned in with com2 and it directed me to contact Juba, which automatically switched to Kinshasa center. I tuned back into com 1, which started working again. After that, ATC guided me very well on a VOR/DME approach to a successful landing.
Strange, because .11 had performed very well on some much longer flights, and failed on a flight of less than 3.5 hours. I guess that is a commentary on the whole FS in general: when you fire it up, you never are completely sure what’s going to show up.

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Import a Simbrief/Navigraph flight plan through the world map area. I started out cold and dark at HAMK, Parking 5. Fly the flight plan and see if ATC stays or not. This is the first time it let me down in several flights.

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Ryzen 5800x, Radeon xfx 7900xt, 32GB mem, M2 gen 4 storage, 1440p on recommended Ultra settings. Thrustmaster t16000m controller, Honeycomb bravo quadrant, CH pro rudder pedals

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