ATC: Filter near airports

If flying a jetliner, there’s no need to see all the little airstrips when viewing nearest airports in the ATC window since you’re not likely to land on any of them. How about a switch that filters out the little airports and just shows the major ones nearby ? (Likewise, when flying a small aircraft, perhaps you don’t want the major airports to show up in the list, because you’re not likely to land there …)

Hmm yes, that would be good to label airports as commercial/GA/cargo/military and then the nearby airports only show the ones that have the tag that fits your plane. with a ‘show all’ option. Good thinking! :slight_smile:

I actually suggested the something similar for the worldmap if your interested. Where you’d be able to quickly see what type of airport it is:

Paved only would be a good start.

Hmm there are a bunch of paved airports with very short runways meant for helis.
Actually, they allowed us to set aircraft types per stand in previous FS versions, so they could just check those for the filtering.

As soon as the Scenery Gateway is up and running the tags will be correct world wide in no time. :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to select what kind of “Nearest Airports” to you. I don’t need to see the 40 farm airports listed when I’m looking for Regional or International. Maybe a box to click for larger airports only.

its kinda there already if you just click hard surface runways only

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Look at that. Learn something new. I was referring to the list when one fly’s. At work now. I’ll see if that carries over to the ATC listings tonight. Thank you!

Finally flew this morning. Even though you can filter out grass/dirt airports when selecting, they still show up on the ATC-Nearest list. I’m 30miles North of Austin, KAUS, and it doesn’t show up on the list. If Asobo could bring that pre-flight filter process to the ATC list, would be an improvement.

A list filter would be handy, as some areas have a huge number of tiny strips with nothing but CTAF, or the sim equivalent, which is typically 122.9 if memory serves.

You can always call up the ICAO of your destination in something like the 530, then scroll across to the frequencies page and find it that way.

If you are in the vicinity, and you are on the “Nearest airport” page in the ATC dialogue, manually tuning in the correct frequency, or via the GNS530 for example, it should allow you to interact with them.

Once downside of this method is, for busy airports, you are often presented with a long list of frequencies without very meaningful names. It won’t say “Ground”, “Tower” etc. but there may be several with the same label.

I vote to see some filtering applied as well for airliners for ATC as OP stated. Even if the fix was to make the setting in world map also apply to the ATC’s “Nearest Airport” list (like in the example suggested in the screenshot by @PauL1eeeeeeeeee ). My example is starting from a gate at a departing airport, I have to wait for the destination airport to get within ATC range before I can request permission to land which you might already be there at that time.