ATC gone backwards

Since the update the ATC has become untenable. This is like it was back in early days of release last year. On approach climb 8500ft then having to listen to please expedite your climb over and over until I land. This has happened everytime I have flown since update. Everything has gone clunky and full of bugs again! I like having ATC and don’t really want to turn it off. Anyone recommend any fixes?


There is a pressure bug causing ATC to be reported a different altitude than what you are actually at, even if you have your altimeter set correctly. Just go up by another couple of hundred feet until the fix comes out.

Thanks. I don’t mean its out by a couple of hundred feet. It has me at the correct altitude. I mean that when I am descending towards the final approach (and sometimes much earlier) ATC is telling me to climb. And not by a couple of hundred feet. Thousands. For eg, descending to land at Perth today, need to be at 3000 feet for the waypoint for ILS landing. ATC telling me to climb to 7000 feet.

Oh, that old ATC gem. I haven’t had that happen for a while and I haven’t used IFR since SU5 so I haven’t seen that. Hope it gets fixed too.

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I have the same thing happen, ATC tells me to decend from 12000ft to 3000ft, Then they tell me to climb to 15000 on approach…Madness…This is using Preset weather as live weather is still messed up

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Actually live weather seems to be okay for me (as far as I can tell). I was descending into Wellington, NZ when it first happened and crossing the bay to the runway and getting please expedite your climb to 8500 feet lol ■■■? Figured maybe a one off but then it was happening every.■■■■.time.

But yeah think I’ll just stick to VFR for a while and switch off the ATC altogether until a fix comes along.

I guess it would be ok flying VFR but IFR is what i fly, You just cant right now with live weather :frowning:

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