ATC grayed

Hey ! I’ve bought microsoft flight simulator few days ago, but i’ve noticed ATC is grayed so I can’t activate it.
I’m on mycrosoft store (not steam then)
ATC menu. Everything is ok : ATC voice on, Message journal in ATC on, IU ATC’s panel open in flight start on.
I don’t know why ATC panel still grayed. For now, I let the IA use ATC for me but it’s pretty sad to ignore all this gameplay…
I’ve also already contacted Microsoft flyght simulator support but they just said “You need to enable ATC”…
Please help me !

Have you turned on the batteries and the Radios in your plane? If the Radio is not on, you are not able to talk to ATC.

What are your ATC voice settings?

If set from Azure but your system language is not US English then this results in no audio and some other odd stuff

Yep Radio is on

ATC Voice : On
And Azure and windows off-line
In game, when the IA use ATC, i have the voices, so i don’t think this is the probleme


Même (à peu près) problème(s). Je pense que depuis le dernier update, il faut repasser le jeu en US english pour que ça fonctionne correctement. Pas encore essayé. Le premier qui trouve…

J’ai déjà repasser mes jeu en US english, mais ça n’as pas corriger le bug.
“switch game to US version doesn’t fix the bug”

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Who’s read the code of conduct !?
I tried to switch to “Windows hors ligne” into “parametres de synthese vocale” (“general”; “son”) and its much better !
In fact, it seems to be an AZURE problem…

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