ATC Guidance for the beginner

Thanks, I’m actually from the UK, but I’m still fairly new to VFR/IFR procedures as I used to mainly fly the likes of DCS and Il-2. I use Pilot2ATC with MSFS as it seems a lot more realistic compared to the default ATC, however it is primarily US focused in its approach to comms.

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You can get the pushback without contacting ATC press Control Shift P and you will push back without a tug.

There’s also a nice pushback helper mod you can get that you can overlay on your screen, which can control the pushback and jetways.

I guess you could but still the pushback options via the ATC window is not realistic. Its only a small thing compared to the rest of the ATC system. I would rather like to see standard ICAO phraseology, that should be no. 1 priority regarding the ATC system.

Looks like they were flying on the ATConnect network in this vid, very cool!

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I’d also recommend vatsim. It’s completely free and you only need to install one small addon which acts as a radio, among other things, and “plugs in” to the sim via dark magic.

Yes, it is intimidating when you have no formal training. I used it with fsx 9 years ago and went through their vfr and part of the ifr course. Since then they have created a network of virtual pilot training websites (also free) where you can get your virtual pilots license. Most of it is just reading the assigned pages from the faa manuals. Because I had registered so long ago, I already had a “P0” rating which allows me to be on vatsim. I’m not 100% sure how it works to get a “P0” now, but I think it’s a quick read and a short quiz over the material. Someone else can clarify on this I’m sure.

Anyway, I’ve combined OnAir with Vatsim and am really loving vfr’ing around in the 172 making virtual money and paying virtual bills. :slight_smile:

Not a Complaint – just an “Observation”

If you want (need) to push back your C172 … you get out of the plane and push it yourself !!!

In the sim, if you really need to “push back” because you cannot go forward, the plane was parked incorrectly !!

Want to simulate pushing it back yourself … a gently small “slew” will do that for you,

The Tow Tugs are a JOKE … The guys on them never pay any attention to the plane, always have their back to you and the plane, and are really just lame.

What make them worse, is that they CAN turn around and look when they are pushing you back, so the animation is there, Also, they know where the plane is.

So why cant they animate, and pay attention to the plane…??

Why did they not do that from day 1 ???

Now, changing what they do, is more work, and becomes a very low priority, way below all the other recently (and not so recently discovered / introduced ) BUGS.

Does it BUG me that they pay so little attention to plane moments ?
… NOT Really …
I just have to accept it and find the humor in it. maybe I cannot see it - maybe they are too busy playing on their Cell Phone … so maybe after all, they are actually RL - Ultra Realistic.

If you are a RL pilot, and new to Vatsim, you do NOT need to go through their “new Pilot” training screening.

You can just email them a copy of your Pilots License, and they will “start you off on Vatsim” at whatever level in Vatsim that corresponds to your RL qualifications.

( I believe they will check with the appropriate Pilot licensing registry, so don’t waste your time playing about with Photoshop !!)

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Agreed, that is what I meant the whole time, I must of misunderstood too.

Thanks! Just kind of needed a checklist for sequence. I’ll probably never fly a real plane, but this adds to immersion for me. When I get better and get more in depth I’ll probably use VATSIM.

Thanks for the addresses for the guide. It’s a BIG help for a novice.

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Maybe you could make it available online to all of us. ?
I would certainly be interested in reading it, as I am only familiar with USA phraseology.

Anybody interested can send me a DM.

Can’t send you a DM, profile is hidden?

Another thought on this that adds a dimension of freedom – focus on learning the instrument approach procedures for the airport you are flying in and out of. They are structured in a way that you could fly the entire procedure without ATC. It will take a minute to learn the how to read a chart, however they are laid out to be easy to understand and flow through. Note one can fly the missed approach as a “go around”. If this seems complicated, note that after this one could fly into nearly any airport, on instruments, without ATC. Once one learns to fly using VORS - which forces one to deal with wind drift, it is like sailing .

If only regional airfields had the tower they have in reality.
MSFS2020 was pretty good at passing me off to the next airfield, but there was no response from most, so I performed a VFR landing and used my imagination.

Flight sim gets boring when there’s no conversation.

Take Coventry / Baginton EGBE for example. Tower and ground in reality but silence in MSFS2020.

Here guys,


I will be definitely looking for that MOD.

Good Job … but remember, – when Asobo Update anything much in ATC, and they Modify that file,
(1) It gets replaced in Official
(2) Even if you have a Mod in Community, if Asobo change the structure of that file in Official, then your Mod may not work correctly, until it is updated - so maintenance could become a real pain.

There really needs to be a European English (IACO) and an American English (FAA) .locPak file !!

I am aware of that, I’m trying to write a script which can be run after every update to modify the language file. My knowledge regarding these things don’t go very far so it will take some time. And yes if they change the ATC system itself then it needs updating but I think thats the problem everybody is facing. The A32x mod also stops working every update :sweat_smile:.

A script to update is a very neat idea !!! … Almost a “search / Replace” on Steroids !!!

Especially for the “FT Worth” type issues, that I suspect Asobo may never get around to correcting.

Personally, until the ATC is a lot more realistic, I just let the AI Pilot talk to ATC.

They BOTH seem to understand each other, and talk in the same “mixed up, weird ATC Phraseology” that seems to make sense to both of them … so i just let them get on with it, while I fly the Plane … Full time job just trying to keep the thing trimmed, and not jumping around like a kangaroo.