ATC/IFR problems

I tried an IFR flight today from CYAZ to CZST in a TBM 900. There were a number of issues. Firstly, ATC went nuts trying to decide on a descent altitude. I was commanded to 6400, then 6800, then 7400 in rapid succession about 3 seconds apart. Then, later, as I began to approach the destination, I was told to expect vectors for a visual approach to runway 18. Simple enough.

Except that no such vectors were forthcoming. The airport is in a narrow river valley, and I expected some sort of approach through a connecting valley so that I could arrive sort of lined up at a reasonable altitude and speed. Instead ATC just dumped me at about 6000 feet directly over the airport, flying right into a mountain on a heading of about 300.

I’ve also had cases where ATC suddenly pipes up and says “expedite your climb to 8500 feet” even though no such altitude was commanded.

If IMC conditions prevailed, I would have crashed into a mountain. Luckily, I could see the ground, and set up my approach manually.

Minor issues, to be sure, but it makes me hesitant to try to fly in any kind of weather in this game.