ATC IFR = suicide operation!

In IFR mode, ATC does not respect the altitudes of the ground. EX: in the Alps he takes me to FL120, and leaves me there, when I arrive on a mountain :mountain: to crash if I do not go up to FL 150.
Another time he made me go up to FL 160, and while I’m still above the Alps, “go down to FL120”, if I listen to him I’m dead!
It’s time to fix this problem once and for all! or to delete it, since it only serves to indicate the altitude or the tracks, often against the good direction of the wind!

Yeah it’s not good in mountainous terrain… I’d say this a known and longstanding issue.

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Ahhh, so it’s not just me. Directed to descend while flying an approach in Alaska and ATC always flies me into a mountainside. Nice!!!

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