ATC inserts word like Microsoft in speech

Since su7 I have had ATC insert words like Microsoft and other gibberish in speech. Can’t believe I am the only one. Have searched high and low here but can’t find any mention in any posts.
Are people just waiting for the hot fix or have i missed something.
Any help appreciated.

I think most have given upon ATC, as being just one glorified Mess, and have resigned themselves to waiting for ATC to as a whole , to be addressed with some serious re-design & update. There is not simple fix for something so broken and designed so incorrectly.

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Had the same.
Noticed that it is when METAR sata is read by ATC an when AI offline Voice is selected.

I switched to Azure and never had that “Microsoft equal etc.” Ever again.

Yes it’s happened to me on the odd occasion, very weird but ATC as other posters have mentioned is not ideal and needs proper fixing in a number of areas
I dare say the ATC was better in FSX and that was in 2006 , dear oh dear

Please see, where the issue has the #feedback-logged tag.

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