ATC is bonkers if you fly an airliner, but I love this Sim!

I think everyone realises now that at the moment the sim is just brilliant when flying a light aircraft around an amazing looking world and I can’t get enough of doing that, but I am a bit surprised at how quirky the airliners are and how quite often the ATC working with them is somewhat confused. If I had known just how unfinished the airliners were I think I would have still purchased the sim for the VFR flying in GA aircraft, but i’m a bit surprised that the testers didn’t have a bit more of a moan about the state of flying an airliner in the sim, before the release day.
Perhaps they did have a moan and I missed it, but I would have preferred just to have one reasonable airliner with more and better systems than a couple of extra big boys that look beautiful (as does everything in the sim) but fly in quite a strange way sometimes! The way that the airliners react might even put new flyers off in my opinion. So I guess we will just have to wait for add on airliners or hope for extensive updates on the stock ones.
I’m an oldie and back in my day when stuff was released it was much more finished than games seem to be nowadays, but if that’s the way things are now then we will have to live with it! I love MSFS though and I have flown using everything going back to the original wire frame graphic sims, so you can understand why I’m blown away by being able to look down at my house flying a Cessna in a desktop flight simulator. Happy flying everyone!

All we can do is provide feedback on these particular issues and hope that Asobo will be able to address them.

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