ATC is gone

Starting today, I have no more flight following and no clearance from controlled airports. Just took off from LXGB without the tower available.
Is it just me or is ATC on vacation? How do I get my beloved flight following back again?
Using live traffic settings.
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I have the same. Just entered a simbrief flight from KORD to KLAX. I hear all the sounds in and around the plane, but i don’t have to co-pilot and ATC talking. I have the subtitles on, so i know the are talking and my messages are recieved. But i have no voice sounds.

It is weird how issues seem to interact with each other. I had switched to Navigraph NavData, before problems began. Furthermore I had installed another airport (LFOO) from the market place. Subsequently ATC just stopped working. On top of that a different marketplace airport (LFOU) started to cause CTDs. So I removed everything from the sim to isolate the problem. At some point, ATC started working again. Navigraph on its own seems to work fine. LFOO on its own also works fine. LFOU still CTDs, don’t know when or how that started. Next I’ll try combing LFOO/LFOU and Navigraph NavData. Let’s see what happens.
Crazy, all I want is to have a little fun with the sim, I could do without debugging.

For me the problem is resolved though. Didn’t change any settings, but today suddenly everything worked like normal again.

I already had that as well, spontenaous outbreak of CDTs which were gone the next day. Without changing anything, neiter at the beginning nor at the end.
As long as I can pinpoint at the cause of a problem, I can at least work around.

Just updated to World Update 3 yesterday. Now my ATC Volume is at like 10%. If I open the ATC window, I can see that ATC is going, but I can’t hear anything. I tried turning up the COM radio (it was nighttime in the sim) but it didn’t seem to affect anything.

Help! I miss my ATC!

This is an issue I started to encounter some weeks ago, I think it is somehow related to the P.149 addon, do you own this? Specifically in this addon, com radios are default to off and turning them on and increasing the volume always works, but when doing the next flight with another plane, COM volume is always set to Zero and I cant hear anything.

Transient fix for me: I did bind the command “increase COM1 volume” to an unused key and keep hitting this key until I can hear ATC again. Not a nice workaround, but better than silent ATC :wink: For some planes, the knob works in the VC, as an example the FBW A320Neo, there I simply turn up the volume. In the TBM in contrast, the knob in the VC does nothing, there I use my assigned key.

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I don’t have the addon. I didn’t know you could bind a key to that knob. I will definitely try that out! Thank you.

I haven’t tried in other planes yet, just the C208.

It is yet another indication the servers are overloaded. Basic as it is the ATC AI has to know where every live player is to deal with them. The default setting seems to be, no matter what the weather is, get them close to the airfield and send them to Twr. I have yet to be offered any vector by the ATC AI

I looked for an ATC setting in the settings and couldn’t find it. The only volume I could find it was the COM knob in the cockpit, and VOICES in the settings menu. Tried changing from Azure to Offline but that did nothing. Increased COM audio in the cockpit all the way. That did nothing. I can very faintly hear the crackle of a transmission ending, but I can’t hear the actual transmission.

The only two addons I have are for three airports here in Hawaii.

The only thing I can think of that could have interfered with MSFS other than something in the program itself was an update to windows 10.0.19042.

I think I’m having a similar issue as you all.
I’m using the ATSimulations Piaggio.

I’ll take off, ATC is fine at all stages with the airport…
Then they’ll tell me it’s ok to switch frequencies.
I switch to Boston Center.
I ask for clearance through either Manchester Class C or Boston Class B
It tells me to squawk a channel
I switch the Transponder to that channel
poof, there’s no more ability to talk to ATC at all. All the blue bars for options disappear, and none of the keyboard commands for choices like “cancel flight following” work.
If I switch to a different channel, it suggests I tune back to Boston Center
If I go back to Boston Center, the screen goes blank of the blue bars, and all I can see is the discussion.
I have if I’ve flown long enough eventually gotten a blue bar which tells me to switch to a different Center channel, and it kind of works. Sometimes it disappears again after I make contact.

Communication with airports seems fine as long as I don’t ask for flight following.

this problem started immediately after the latest update.

I’ll have to test with a different plane to see if it’s related to the Piaggio.

Edit: I take it back. It appears to be plane related. The ATSimulations Piaggio FWP.149 doesn’t allow the radios to be autotuned. I’m imagining this has something to do with it.

Thing is, Center Control ATC used to work fine with it. I’d tune the correct squawk code, and ATC would respond back. But, for whatever reason, their radios break ATC now.

I’m going to have a look at it. maybe I can figure out what’s going on since the developers are dragging their feet fixing this.

I don’t have the Piaggio and I’m still having the same problems.

Tried splitting the audio between speakers and my monitor and then in Sounds selecting that, but that didn’t work. Very frustrating.