ATC Issue Abbreviations

Its not really an issue but there is a problem with the phraseology of the ATC.
Its to do with the abbreviation of aircraft registrations.

At the moment ATC abbreviates aircraft registration using the American system.
For Example N100AA would be abbreviated to 0AA in the US after initial contact is made.

But in the UK
For Example G-ABCD would be abbreviated to G-CD.

Currently MSFS still uses BCD.

Each county has different method’s.

Well, it kinda IS an issue for those of us in certain areas. I give you an example “eff tee Worth Center”, instead of Fort Worth Center. It’s glaring when you hear it ALL THE TIME.


YES, on the Ft Worth Center. I meant to Zendesk that, thank you for the reminder. Now as to why, simple, all the voices are computer generated, and when it try’s to translate actual words into language, it does not understand how the FT is actually an abbreviation for Fort. If you listen to the recorded broadcast of the National WX service in the USA, one caution they always say is: Dan ta drown, turn around, when actually they are trying to say Don’t. any punctuation or abbreviations mess up the logic of the simulated voice. in FSX, they used I believe real people voices to record the information, so it’s pronounced correctly. People are really smarter than computers. Too bad so many people don’t know that. Computers are a tool, like a screwdriver, or wrench. I can leave PC on all day, and my lunch is never ready. I have to do it.


According to patch notes from yesterday, those errors should now be fixed, will check later today.