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Please report issues with ATC to our team, by submitting a Zendesk ticket, include as much information as possible with steps to reproduce and any screenshots.

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They say “tree” instead of “three”… Legit causes me to twitch every time…


ATC messages both from me and the controller have no sound 80% of the time, you only hear the mic noise for a split second and it only happens with the Azure voice setting, windows offline works normally


same for me on a320 most of message from atc have no audio only mic noise

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for me atc just stops talking no voice just com open close pops. All I get are atc messages in window


Same issue here. I tried it in a Cesna but I only jear some static noise. Changed the queality from Azure to Windows offline but the same result. I hope they can fix it :slight_smile:

I was checking windows default speech to English and voice to David restart windows
I’m still trying things

same here, atc with azure no sound since few hours, atc with windows works but sounds robotic


Did an IFR flight from EHAM to EGLL, coms are really weird. Voices cut out 9/10 transmissions, EGLL approach instructed me to hold 7,000ft causing me to fly over EGLL. They gave me 27R requested 27L but got no response. Well, it did, but it didn´t appear in the chatbox, and since the voices cut out idk if it got assigned to me. When I clicked ´´acknowledge assigned runway´´ it just said ´´A320 descend and maintain 7,000.´´

Also, when you switch frequency via the chatbox it doesn´t actually change in your coms panel the way it did with FSX.


Same bug here, wasn’t in the beta - ATC cuts off you just hear the microphone click


Exactly the same issue as above.

A reminder to everyone, please make sure you are filing bug reports detailing your issues.


Same issue here as well:
With AZURE-Voice turned on: only sometimes I can hear a voice. Most of the time, I juste hear the microphone “click”.

With OFFLINE-Voice: I can hear every voice message with the classic windows voices…


done, but what’s the deal with submitting a fresh report and having it in “awaiting your reply” even though there’s nothing to reply to?

The way we use ticket statuses a bit funny.

Ticket Statuses Explained (Bug Reports)

  • Open: The bug report has been updated. Typically, this will happen when you send a reply or add additional information to the initial bug report.
  • Awaiting your reply: The ticket is pending review by our team. A bug report will remain pending until it’s updated or marked as solved.
  • Solved: The bug report has been handled. Our team has recorded the bug in our internal bug and issue tracker. Please note this does not mean you will see the bug fixed in the next update, but has been recorded and prioritized accordingly.



More than a bit sketchy when you use Azure. I have had to go offline and use my pc’s text to speech for the ATC, as online it’s a bit of a nightmare. When it works it’s brilliant, but since launch i have only had it work properly once. All the other times it breaks up, gives wrong instructions, or just plain stops! This is in the UK. Offline it can still be a bit hit and miss, but at least it works. Sort of.


In the Netherlands there is the same problem with ATC.
It’s not working like it was in the last Beta’s.

It’s the heavy server load.
It will get better.


That’s not a bug, that’s how it’s meant to be pronounced on radio