ATC Issues & Discussion

Yes same problem here.

Using FSX ATC is a Jurassic back jump, nothing can be done anymore, the ATC is both ignored by MS and doomed, thank you MS, thax from the soul

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At least you get the option to taxi to general aviation whenever i land and contact ground the only option i get is taxi for take of options and then nothing

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Thank you! This solved my problems.

Hello there,
As the title says, I have no audio from ATC, I did have it but in the last two days nothing, I still get the text from ATC and I’ve tried all settings but to no avail, any help would be appreciated.


Hi everyone, the ATC TTS issue has been logged as a known issue:

Everyone including myself has been so busy flying around looking at scenery no one has done a true IFR flight. I just struggled through a CJ4 flight with an autopilot that struggled to maintain climb angle only to find when I got to my destination ATC just vectored me past the runway and never vectored me back to the airfield. This was a visual approach not even IFR. I tried this a few time to make sure and it does seem ATC is not vectoring properly to airports for short final.

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ATC hasn’t really changed much vs FSX (although it’s been a long time since i used FSX).

I mostly just use ATC to get Taxi information before takeoff and after landing and tune to a different frequency so they don’t bug me. Then get some charts for your arrival so you can get the descent right.

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ATC has been a mainstay since FS2k2. I hope the team sees this and addresses it.


I’ve been flying IFR flights whole past weekend, and just landed…
No have to get some sleep, but I never had any issues with ATC.
Works as it should even if you don’t have active flight plan ready.
And yes, I have tried all the possible situations. Everything works.
ILS, procedures, turnarounds, taxiing, other planes… And what I was mostly surprised, you can even communicate with other planes at airports that don’t have ATC… everything works.

Now, good night!

No such luck here. ATC doesn’t let me descent until i’m about 20 miles from my destination. At which point your pretty much have to descent at about 5000 feet per minute to get down in time.

Yes, I have this too all the time. When it does decide to work I rather not be told to expedite every single instruction a second after the readback.

I have no ATC UI at all. Only if I assign my copilot to handle the radios I get some ATC.
The ATC UI is greyed out in the config menu.
I can not find a setting to activate it.

assistance option…
user experience…

there is four or five ATC options.

I saw that on the list, thanks. But hopefully thats not the only issue regarding ATC and also AI-traffic that is on the to do list. The current state of ATC makes it almost impossible to use, wrong vectors, crazy altitudes, not possible to reply because the reply needed is not in the list of replies etc. (why is ATC even worse than in previous versions of MSF?) and both online and offline AI-traffic does not work as it should, often ATC shout at the traffic being 20 000 (!) feet to high, and almost no AI-traffic makes it to a runway to land. All this reported to Zendesk.


Twice now, when departing KABQ[5300’ elevation), ATC stated to climb to Climb and maintain 5000 feet.

ATC has many issues, hopefully some of them will be fixed in the update on Thursday.

Minor point, but: They didn’t announce an update for Thursday, they announced the announcement of the date for the update (in September) for Thursday. Hopefully, also a list of some included fixes.


Aha, good to know!

How did you fix it?