ATC landing request/approval


Im flying a Cirrus SR22, currently I enter my plan manually into the Garmin, I enter departure. any waypoints along the way and finally the destination airport.

I usually have Ai pilot on to control the ATC, along the journey I get communications, but every time I near the destination airport I get no response from the airport, nor my co pilot to request to land.

I try manually searching nearest airport in ATC list, and try that way, but still nothing.

Am I doing something wrong here?

I guess I could try world map for my plan, but I like doing it manually, in fact its the same when departing I get no clearance.

Are you using the G1000 NXi add-on? AFAIK this doesn’t update the MSFS built-in flight plan when you change the custom flight plan in the NXi system, so the co-pilot doesn’t know you intend to land there.

Not really sure if there’s any workaround other than putting your flight plan in on the world map, or calling on the radio yourself. (I just run the radio myself these days.)


Yes using the Nxi add-on, I tried requesting landing myself but get no response, even on departing I get no clearance.

If I use the default Garmin should it work then?

I think I will just use the world map and see how that goes then, I can at least try to get it exactly the same as how I create it on little nav map.


I just had a few tests at different airports and I can get ATC working with ground services and takeoff clearance.

Perhaps its just the small airports Ive landed at don’t have any atc communications?

Very small airport, like in real life not always have controllers/towers. The have radio communication just to make sure others can hear what you are planning to do or viceversa.

Some reference reading that can be used: Non-towered airport - Wikipedia


Ah, seems like there is a lot of uncontrolled airports then, so they have a communication of sort but in FS2020 I should not expect to hear anything, such as clearance to land and takeoff.

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