ATC leads you back to a former Waypoint

Does anyone have the same strange issue?

Using FBW A320 the aircraft flies along the flight plan without any problems but I might happen that the system does not recognize having reached a certain waypoint, so ATC orders you to fly to this waypoint that may be hundreds of miles away from your current position. I get aware of this misery when ATC does not clear my descent when reaching the destination airport. So I shall return to this former waypoint……it is very strange. What can I do to avoid this ?

Fill out a detailed BUG report, following the Forum Guidelines for Bug reports.

I very much doubt if you, as a user, can do much else apart from report the issue in the correct format, and hope that it gets attention.

If you can reproduce this issue, with an empty Community folder, and no addon Marketplace planes, then it should carry a lot more weight, as then ADDONS cannot then be claimed to be causing your issue.

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In this case, completing a bug report won’t work because FlyByWire A320 is a third party product. Production Bug reports are for defects with the base simulation only. Therefore this thread was moved to Aircraft for peer support.

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