ATC left me out to dry!

So I was doing a flight today from Colorado springs to Las Vegas. Beautiful scenery by the way. Southern Utah and northern Arizona is drop dead gorgeous. I check on the weather and Las Vegas is showing 0 winds. I figure I’ll just take whatever approach ATC gives me. They give a visual vector approach to runway 8L. So as I’m flying west over the airport at 9000 ft I’m getiin no vectors. Keep heading west waiting for vectors. 12 miles west of the airport no vectors. I dial in an approach into the fmc for rnav 8R approach. Ask for this runway. Nope they want me in 8L. I followed the rnav approach and when I saw the runways headed over to 8L and landed. Now this was the first time ATC has given me a visual approach. Do you usually get vectors for a visual. Or are you just left on your own?

MSFS ATC does not give vectors to final. There’s a wishlist item for it if I’m remembering correctly. Probably from launch day in 2020 :slight_smile:


So now I know. Thanks.

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It is beautiful scenery. I love to do the KDEN to KLAS and back. For some reason ATC always clears me to land in the wrong direction. I have planes coming at me on short final.

I’ll give a plug for PilotEdge. Their coverage area includes that part of the world and their live controllers won’t forget about you. Their subscription costs money, but I enjoy flying on their network enough that the cost is worth it.

There’s some winding canyons 20-40 miles northeast of Page, AZ with what probably are some tributaries of the Colorado river. Want to take a prop down there and fly the river canyon. Anyone notice the waypoint on the way into Vegas? HOLDM. Clever hehe

Edit. Ok looked it up. It’s the Glen Canyon national recreation area. It is the Colorado river and branches.

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hello, being a virtual pilot for a few decades (I started on FS from the beginning). obviously the ATC AI has major programming problems! on LFOP in IFR and stormy weather. it made me turn in circles on 1 hour. to finally make me do zig zag around the airport! wanting me to go up to 7000 feet every time I’m on final approach. knowing that it is an approach that is very simple! course at 220 and 2500 Feet to land in 22 at 505 Feet. to finally make me change course back to the wind! at the last moment telling me to go down to 250 Feet and 12NM from the runway! simple result? exceeding the tolerance capacity of the aircraft (Large caravan)!
Obviously the programming of the IA ATC is totally irrational from reality. A lot of work is still to be done! moreover it has no logic, apart from what an ATC will do in real life!
At 120 € the complete software. I find that the price is very high for the different bugs still present! even if the planes and the Map are magnificent. it’s a pity all the same.

It is a pity. At some point the ATC will get an overhaul and I’m hoping for the best. That being said, I only paid $59 for the standard version and I have 750 hours so I think it’s a bargain.

Here’s the wishlist item for vectors if you want to vote it up.

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Back in FS 98 (yes I’ve been simming for a long time) there use to be a little nifty addon that once you were in range of an ILS it would start to give you vectors to intercept. Here we are 25 years later…

IMHO, in-game ATC should not be taken too seriously. If you are given weird unrealistic directions ignore them and control yourself. If, as happens a lot, you are 20 miles from the airport at 6000’ and ATC suddenly tells you to climb to FL220, stay at 6000’ approach and land. If ATC tells you to make an ILS approach on runway O8 and the wind is 260 at 20, ignore ATC and approach and land on Rnwy 26. If you are on short final and Tower tells you to go around for no discernable reason, ignore them and land----and so on. It’s a sim not RL.

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It’s got to be complicated to calculate and provide vectors when you’ve also got AI traffic coming in from all directions to land. I would guess it’s not very straightforward to do. We rely on humans to do this 100% of the time in the real world.

Imagine coding up vectors to final for three parallel, simultaneous approaches to KORD while also providing vectors to departing traffic on two other runways.

yes with us also in France the base also costs around 70€. and thanks for the info that they have to overhaul the ATC.:joy:

A sim is supposed to simulate RL.

Just to add. ATC was much better in earlier versions of MSFS. So to settle for less is a hard pill to swallow.

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I think you may have missed their point. I interpreted what they said to mean “Ignore ATC when it tells you to do something stupid.” Not that the in-game ATC couldn’t be better or that it shouldn’t be fixed.

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I did get the point. I know it’s limitations and have been ignoring it’s ignorance since it came out.

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