First, this is NOT a complaint in and of itself. However, having said that, ATC in MSFS is NOT good at all. It’s terrible. Since the beginning, we’ve had some rough patches, but we came through and now MSFS is the best; but that doesn’t mean it can’t be better AND you keep making it better.

Suggestion for ATC: have an option where ATC will communicate ONLY with the LOADED airplane and NOT all the other “fictional” airplanes in the sim. In other words, talk only to ME on MY route and no one else. I don’t need to hear ATC telling fictitious planes to look out for me or for me to look out for them. Maybe realistic for the kiddies, but what is asking is an option to turn that off and have ATC communicate only with ME, My Plane, and my Route and things concerning my route. ONLY ME! Don’t need to have or hear anything else that’s fictitiously silly.

Just an idea. Currently I don’t use it. Would like to. It would be nice. But, just too much “fiction”. I take off without it; fly the route without it; and land without it. I only turn it on AFTER landing to have it take me to whatever gate the sim may like. Otherwise, in it’s current state, it’s kind of useless. But, if it only communicated with me it would be nice to have it on and give me guidance and something to hear and do along the way as I like to change radio freqs and what not myself. BUT, as of now, it’s just too fictitious.

Appreciate a terrific sim otherwise… Much appreciation for ALL your hard work. It is the BEST!

This really isn’t a Bug Report, as ATC is working as intended (see comments below) albeit not perfectly, so this is moved to #self-service:wishlist.

I’m not sure you’re aware of this fact, but if you use an external flight planner like Little Nav Map, there is a circle of approximately 80nm around your aircraft where actual traffic (either Live or Offline AI) exists and are independently operating on their own. That’s the “other” planes that ATC is communicating with.

Turn off Traffic in Options-General-Traffic. Then you will be the only plane in the sky, assuming you’re not in Multiplayer mode.

At which point, ATC is… superfluous. If you’re the only one in the sky, you can go anywhere, without restrictions. There’s no need for Air Traffic Control, because… there’s no traffic.

So I’m really not sure why you’d want to bother. The whole point of ATC is to keep aircraft separated safely, sequenced for takeoff and landing, and following flight rules. An aircraft of one, needs no rules.


This is how it is in a real aircraft. If you’re tuned to a frequency, you’ll hear all comms on that frequency and have to wait your turn to get your bit in. Sometimes it can be super busy and quite overwhelming but that’s realism.

Tbh if you don’t want atc talking to anyone else, just turn off live and simulated traffic.


I enjoy playing in Multiplayer with live traffic. I never use the AI option.

As others have mentioned, ATC talking to other planes is how it works in real life and I actually enjoy hearing the chatter with the other airplanes.

But I can see how at times some people would want to only hear their communicates.

Although not a priority, it would be a nice to have option. So I will vote on it.

Problem with MSFS ATC is that is sometimes works, and sometimes it won’t… or it will when you start a flight and it will break during flight. Especially on airliners my experience is that its a mess at the moment, so i turned it off now

They for one should make it compatible with simbrief or some flightplanners.

For instance now simbrief lets me automatic load a flightplan from EGLL (London Heathrow) takeoff runway 9L. MSFS ATC tells me to go to 27R (because according to them the live weather is the opposite) and i only can choose or change in the taxi menu to go to 27R or 27L, let me choose between all runways.
Furthermore, with climb, descent and approach calls they are often way to late.

I now turned it completely off, because i don’t know VATSIM or PILOTATC or IVAO or those things yet. But those things are the way to go for real experience.

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