ATC missing after SU9

I have the MS-store FS2020 Premium.
ATC was working great until SU9, there have been a couple of updates since then but ATC is still totally absent. All the settings I see have ATC enabled.
Are we waiting for another update to fix Premium or do I need to look at an obscure setting?

Please help.

Great news.
Browsing the official support site for FS2020 I followed the instructions to return FS to its “Vanilla state”. Did all that was mentioned there and restarted FS.
Lo and behold, ATC is back in all its glory. Hurrah.
Thank you all for not leading me down any rabbit holes.

Would you be willing to link that site or what you did… I am having ATC issue again now.

“How to restore FS to it’s vanilla state” is what worked for me, actually I didn’t miss anything after the change and FS started up faster. My preferences and selections/options were unchanged too.

How to restore the sim to its vanilla state – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (