ATC Missing Audio and Text

The past two days I’ve been losing ATC, both audio and text, but the copilot is still on the radio.

It’s the same as here, ATC goes missing - #16 by DeeUU8938, but that thread is locked.

Anyone else experiencing this? Hopefully it’s an Azure issue so I don’t need to reinstall.

My audio was missing a few hours ago but this simple fix helped me:
General Settings > Sound > Sound Output (Choose your preferred output) > Turn Active Spatial Sound ON

Interesting possibility, I forgot that was a separate channel. But does that also fix the ATC window being empty?

My copilot acts like she hears ATC just fine.

I’m not sure, but I think the ATC window should automatically fix itself if you reset the sim. Are your sound settings different than mine?

Mine are almost the same. I did take system default off for the top two and set to the specific sources thinking it would help with the occasional “no audio” problem. However, the audio can still go out.

Most of the time it’s caused by launching MSFS before WMR is initialized.

I’m guessing the issue I had may have been cloud based since that old thread I referenced seemed to be the same issue. ATC on my last two flights seemed to have worked.

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