ATC much changed after SU9

First impressions…friendlier voices…phraseology changed…functionality improved (maybe)…ATIS format now sounds more realistic but the unrealistic scrolling text still there and once ATIS is used the scrolling text does not cease when the frequency is changed. It continues for the whole flight or the SIm eventually crashes (through lack of memory ?)… For UK pilots the Phraseology Mod still desirable…more test flights needed for definitive judgement, but its nice to see MSOBO is trying.

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Voices are better yes, but I still lose sound after some centers handover. This started with WU8 and has not been fixed.


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More test flights reveal that not a lot has changed with ATC post SU9 except the voices. ATIS is unchanged…format still not ICAO, unrealistic scrolling text stil exists and once activated, keeps repeating when “Display ATC” switched on…whatever frequency is selected. ATIS therefore still not usable realistically. IFR ATC fine for approaches,provided flight is planned on the World Map but departure runway is not nominated according to the wind direction and ATC wind is incorrect (wrong units). Cockpit wind usually relates to METAR quite closely however.

Am I wrong or are there just femal voices After WU9. My pilotvoice is a male voice but all the AI Traffic and ATC are femal voices. Or do I somethink wrong?

I don’t think you did anything wrong. There are still bugs logged for some of these issues. No idea when they will get addressed.

This is insanely annoying. Usually you can go into the Aircraft.CFG file and manually change the pilot voice to Male or Female, but some aircraft (I don’t know how) do not have an Aircraft.CFG file. (e.g. Milviz Cessna 310) I don’t know why they made this change, as your voice gender should reflect the gender of your avatar. I’m using Male avatars, but hear Female voices. I don’t mind the occasional female voice from ATC, or AI aircraft, but if I, a male, am playing with a male avatar, my pilot voice should ALWAYS be male. Not to mention that the voices seem to default to female the vast majority of the time now. I would say at least 75-80% of the time.


Same problem here, and even after SU12, the devs haven’t fixed this. There’s also no way to fix it reliably, and whatever I try, the MSFS changes it back to female voice no matter how butch the avatar.