ATC nagging to exit the runway,

I’ll double check next time, and find somewhere with a very long runway so I can deliberately taxi along to the last exit, and see if it repeatedly asks me to vacate. From memory it only does it twice for me, but that could be because I’ve usually vacated by the first or second exit anyway.

It’s annoying when you’re at an airport where the only taxiways are at the very ends of the runway. ATC is incessantly nagging at you to do something you’re already in the process of doing, but have no real control over until you actually get to your destination. Makes me feel like driving with my ex-wife in the passenger seat.


Try EGKB runway 21. IIRC it does have a couple of taxiways in the first half of the runway, but they are not turnoffs, only runway entry. The next turn off is at the far end of the runway. It is also an interesting ILS approach if you follow the procedures. Try it in something like a Cessna 152 or 172. I don’t mind admitting I am wrong if I am doing something incorrect.

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Will do. I think I’ve been to Biggin Hill before, actually.

I definitely have. It is one of my favourites. I lived there in my early teens when my dad was based at RAF Biggin Hill, and I returned there some years later when I went through the Officers & Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC) in the late 70’s. I also first learnt to fly at nearby Kenley in gliders. I was in the Biggin Hill Air Training Corps squadron.

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Fixed with this mod:

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I landed on runway 21, and just allowed myself to dawdle along to the end, and got asked 5 times to exit. I guess I’ve never heard that as I normally exit on the 2nd request.

Yeah, they won’t shut up. The second your wheels are firmly on the ground, ATC starts nagging you every 30 seconds or so until you leave the runway. Typically there are taxiways along the length of most runways, so you only hear them once or twice at most. But in cases where you have to roll out to the far end of the runway to hit the only exit (like the runways at my local airport), you have to listen to them b*$ching at you the whole time.

I’m always happy to hear ATC nagging an AI aircraft to get off the runway when I’m on final. Generally have to ignore them telling me to go around due to AI not moving on the runway. Saw one AI aircraft sitting on the runway after landing while I was taxiing out for takeoff. One side of the aircraft had sunk into the ground. He eventually moved off still with the one side sunk into the ground.

If you are landing an Airliner, then it is a mute point, you will only be able to stop some distance down the runway, and there should be a nearby turn off.

If you are landing a GA plane on a long runway, you do NOT have to touch down at the threshold, and then taxi 1/2 mile to 1st exit… Just land long.

More to the point, it is not a good idea to land BLIND … before you land, you should be aware of the airport layout, and plan your touch down point, to enable you to safely land, and be able to exit the runway in a timely manner.

A little bit of Planning before you land, a review of the airport diagram, and where you want to park, and how to get there, will make your landing and taxi experience far less stressful !!

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Moot point, but good points.

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Moot ?

Not really …

Example. C172 landing on a 10,000ft runway, with 1st turn off 1/2 way down runway.
Touch down at Threshold (like you might try to do at a small airfield)

700ft ground roll (lets say 1000ft)

Now you have 4000ft to taxi before you can turn off
20 mph (little fast ) = 1760 ft /min
so to taxi that 4000ft = about 3 minutes on the runway !!!

Yes, Tower is not going to be happy about that – that’s a whole 3 minutes they may not have been expecting, and that only for you to get to the turn off – to fully clear the runway, that even more time.

Been there – done that !!! when i fist got my PPL, I flew a C150 into KIAD !!!
KIAD had only recently opened, and was pretty quite. ATC actually welcomed me . !!
Landed near the threshold and and had to taxi for those 3 minutes.

Probably the longest 3 minutes I have ever had !!!

Bottom line, when you dally on the runway, it’s more than Realistic that ATC get “agitated” !!

I just drive off unto the grass and then in a straight line to parking. You can do that in a bush plane.

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You do that at Oshkosh as well in a whole multitude of plane types …

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Well still ATC should not pass any instructions until at a safe speed. Shouting to leave the runway as soon as touchdown occurs might be distracting. Also the calls “leave runway when able” and “turn next taxiway” are pretty stupid, I hope everbody in possesion of a flight crew license is aware that a runway is not meant for parking :sweat_smile: :joy:.


Nobody is claiming that the “I” in AI ATC really stands for “INTELLIGENCE” – at the moment, it is more like “IDI0T”

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Yeah I agree ATC asks us to vacate the runway way too often and certainly too soon. This should be a rare occasion.

I think it should only happen if:

  • there is another plane on short final behind you (most important point)
  • you are under a certain speed.


  • there are planes landing (busy time) and there is a plane waiting for take off and ATC tries to fit it between you and the next plane landing
  • you are under a certain speed

Right now I beleive the ATC does it every single time?

Can this topic be moved to the wishlist? :slight_smile:
Can the OP add to the first post what I said. :slight_smile:

I thought ATC was speed dependent. I’m sure they only transmit when I have slowed down enough. My next landing I will keep my speed up and see if I can get to the end of the runway. :wink:

But still “vacate runway when able” or “turn next taxiway” don’t make any sense. “expedite vacating” would the correct phraseology here.

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Can these be changed perhaps, in the same way we can change “Daher” to “TBM” in the TTS files?