ATC needs looooooots of work

I remember … " I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley."

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I have two words for you Edit Voicepack.

Go on … (I know I might regret asking) What 2 words ??

You do realize you can switch from VOR to low altitude airways in the map and set up your approaches at most airports? Some you can also set up your departures so that your flight plan is complete.

Yes ATC may give you a different runway and approach you would need to change that in your computer.

Also their is an assist to give a blue line for taxi-ways to and from gates. When you choose which gate you are arriving it once you land and contact ATC the blue lines appear over the center lines. :man_shrugging:

The “position and hold” instruction is out of date. All airports in the USA use the ICAO “line up and wait” now. They have been doing this since 2010 or somewhere around that time.

Also what’s missing that can easily be implemented is the first fix clearance for RNAV departures. When an aircraft has been given an RNAV SID for an IFR clearance, the tower controller is supposed to say “Cessna XXXXX, RNAV to YYYYY (first named fix), Runway ZZZ, Cleared for takeoff”. The purpose is for two things, one to verify the aircraft is to fly an RNAV SID and not a heading or runway heading, two to have the pilots verify the correct SID is programmed into the FMS and an incorrect track won’t cause an incursion.

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Its a start at least, ideas are welcome

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On long flights, I still get (something like — cannot remember for sure-- I just “Turn OFF” )


On ground when requesting enroute clearance? I haven’t seen that one so far. You are saying you still get it? If its also there without the mod I’m assuming its in the core ATC system and will not be solved with changing the text-to-speech…

ATC in fs2020 is more complete than the very basic one you get in x-plane, however it’s quite buggy and unreliable.

At the moment I personally only use pilot2atc and it’s great.

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Correct, unless you edit out the [route] ? bit, and replaces it with “as filed”
or whatever is necessary to stop ATC from trying to speak the Route.

You could still leave it in the Text ? - but remove it from the TTS

Thanks for sending me a copy of your modded file, GREAT WORK, and I would use it, when I fly outside the USA… but so far, my C172 is still “In the shop” because it does not fly correctly !!!
I choose not to fly the bigger aircraft (at least until the become more functional) as I just don’t find any satisfaction just being a AP programmer - I prefer to actually FLY a Plane, rather than be a boring Bus Driver.

My choice – just like everyone else is free to make their own choices.

Would be an easy fix indeed to replace it with plain text instead of {route}, I will look into it. To be sure, there is never anything usefull comming out of it? Because I never got anything beyond “as filed” so far.

I find the ATC to be very bad. So bad I just stop in mid flight in frustration and go on to do something else. Here are the worse problems I have.

  • ATC for non-towered airports. Why am I getting instructions from towers that do not exist? I want to be able to announce I am ready to take off without getting back approval to take off then an impatient controller asking me to acknowledge the clearance to take off.

  • The constant chatter… The controllers are ALWAYS talking. It is a constant stream of, “Airbus CWK expedite your climb to 33000ft”. 2 seconds later. “Generic 1277T expedite your climb to 6000ft”. Then “Cessna 92TY you are 300ft low, climb to and maintain 21000ft.” … “Generic 33P, traffic to your 3 o’clock, 4 miles at 29000ft”. These are coming every 2-5 seconds and it is hard to get an request or acknowledgement in. These also bring a couple more points.

  • What is it with all the “Generic”? They should be able to say, “American 343”, “Speedbird 117”, “Beech 33TY”…

  • Telling an aircraft to look for traffic at their 3 o’clock at 29,000ft. That is in controlled airspace. Why would they be telling pilots that up there? I can see if it they tell a pilot to look for traffic at their 3 oclock low at 6,000ft.

  • I want to be able to tell ATC what altitude I want to go to. Not say I want to go up or down between 1,000-10,000ft. If I am at 11,000ft and I want to go to 29,000ft. Now I have to put in a request to climb by 10,000ft then another request to climb by 8,000ft. I would like to request to go to “29,000ft” or better yet, “flight level 290”.

  • This seems to be on everyone’s list. ATC telling you to go to an inappropriate altitude. I have requested and been granted to descend to 6,000ft because that is the altitude to enter the first waypoint for an RNAV approach. I am 3 miles from that waypoint when ATC tells me to climb to 11,000ft.

I think that the end of flight screen only appears if you did the flight “correctly” from the game’s perspective. Sometimes I land without a clearance or whatever and it doesn’t give me the screen after that.
I have currently been having issues with ATC repeatedly instructing me to go around, and also not providing an Acknowledge option for switching to ground frequency.

ground freq ‘bug’ has been around since release.

It’s really sad especially since this isn’t the first flight simulator to come out we’re in 2021 for goodness sakes. They were descending me down to 9,000 feet and not only would I crash into mountains at that altitude, … I was still 235 NM from my destination. Pretty incredible. Finally I just canceled IFR.

Why can’t they just implement the Fsx/ P3D atc with Editvoicepack installed into MSfs2020 using MSFS new code ? The P3D one is not perfect but much better and the voices sound better too and give multiple people . Also with Editvoicepack you can have up to 3 new speed adjusted sounds per atc voices person which gives u like 21 voice sets .

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^^ ATC just wanted to give you the scenic view :smiley:
Sorry, the issue is so sad, that you can only counter it with sarcasm.
Try doing ATC at Innsbruck! Now that is really, really funny!

Regarding your 235 NM 9000, i guess the ATC just copied your next waypoint if you had a linear descent and calculated that at 100 ft/min you would be smooth sailing :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Officially goin back to P3Dv5 . I’ve had it with this!!! Just copy over the P3D atc voices and update the IFR sids/stars from navigraph . This is getting ridiculous . With the Aerosoft Crj around the corner , how the heck can u fly ifr at night or in moderate visibility when they vector you into mountains. This is absurd . I know it’s early stage of development but wow this thing came out waaaaayyy to dang early . This many problems and released in Aug 2020. The performance is bad / no Dx12 /Atc voices/ Atc SIDS STARS vectoring /Lego block photogrammetry problem/Sdk for outside developers /weather meter not accurate /Ai aircraft from 3rd party , this thing came out to early to be goin into 8 months released and all these problems . Some of These are core things too not just small problems .

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Truly. Announce software, hype it up, start writing it and realize you can’t do what you promised, continue to hype it up anyway, delay, delay, then people getting irritated so you release something for over $100 which is in a criminally unusable state.

  • ATC is worthless as noted.
  • 7-8 months in and still crashes to desktop.
  • No useful error messages to assist the user in even attempting to figure out what the hell broke. Good God, just put in a text error log and only write it if the user enters some kind of debug mode.
  • Encourage use of third party add-ons on a secondary market. Blame them every time the program crashes. An addon store which is basically unused, requiring purchases through third parties and installation in a “Community” folder, after which the packages are never automatically updated.
  • The first suggestion of technical support is the equivalent of “turn it off and on again,” remove all mods, add mods back in one by one until you can tell what breaks it, reinstall the software, or hell, reinstall the OS. (I’ve never before seen a KB article where it says "3 / 70 people found this helpful.)
  • Release default planes which have incorrect flight models, some comically so. Missing basic functionality. Skimp on the aerodynamics. Label necessary controls with “(nonop)” and apparently never bother to even think about implementing them.
  • Encrypt your bad flight models so that some third party programs can’t pull data from them. (I think this was an issue with Air Hauler.)
  • Functionality in the Garmins/FMS is pathetic. Half the time I can’t even get it to properly implement a procedure without it doing something stupid like heading backwards for 250 miles to revisit my last waypoint.

I don’t get why Cyberpunk 2077 got raked over the coals for what happened with that rollout, as this is certainly worse. MSFS is even more expensive than C2077.

Now the good? Well, the scenery does look good if you can keep the frame rate up and keep the program running long enough to enjoy it before it commits suicide.


I have never had a glitch with the Sim. Today I flew on VR with the Spitfire and is the most realistic MSFS experience I’ve ever had.

Not everyone has your experience.