ATC needs looooooots of work

Probably wouldn’t be flying a cub IFR (I suppose you could in the Cubcrafter with glass panel) but I agree nevertheless, the whole ATC system needs an overhaul.

You musnt of ever played fsx before. We all know that the atc is rubbish and if you want real life atc you use vatsim for IRL experience

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Oh yeah VATSIM is great. They even manage to have the entire worlds air traffic on seamless servers, of course they’re getting a lot less traffic than all of MSFS does so yeah, they can do that. The trouble with VATSIM is two fold though. There’s not enough ATCs manned all the time…and I’ve got friends I want to fly with who, for whatever reasons, don’t want to learn proper ATC comms.

So it’d be very cool if in game ATC did the job. Go on Asobo, I know you can do it. Make us go wow!

I don’t use vatsim to often because i sometimes leave for a couple of hrs at long flights. But MSFS after a year in could have done a bit of work with the ATC. ‘Speed not above 220knts’ is not something i have heard IRL. But thats not the worse thing. Star and Sids could be way better, not ending up 2000ft above the runway because the send you down just 80miles before the airport. Those kind of things

I know it would be better if Microsoft improved the ingame ATC but you could always use VATSIM for a better ATC experience.

The usual “Use VATSIM”

Right now I’m on Greenland, crossing the Atlantic into Europe.

No VATSIM coverage for 97% of my world
Tour flights.

We need a strong, better offline ATC.


100% agreed.

Another issue with VATSIM. If I have 60 min of free time per day, I may need to speed up the cruise phase of the flight

Saves often ignore state of flightplan ,the state ,speed & altitude of plane as well.Loading a save often seems to reset ATC just as if you’d restart the flight…
Saves also seem to fail to hold the data of the point you were at during flight
Here I shared an image(last one in the post) that shows the disconnect between IFR plan & ATC commands after loading a save Sim Update V ( Bug Megathread - #438 by TripsyTipsy
Perhaps not saving logbook at all either
Frequent Flyer Miles Achivment? - #2 by PauL1eeeeeeeeee
After loading a save,the ATC often is totally messed up as well.As if all progress was wiped during reloading…Would send you all back to the start in a long flight,even if you actually saved at arrival stage etc Incomplete save/load

Totally allowed in uncontrolled airspace. :slight_smile: Just monitor and make sure you’re not entering controlled airspace while accelerated!

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After the update… I did notice that KLAS tower, did comment on me using the wrong runway and not cleared for take off.

Would be nice, to have clearance do something at a Class Bravo airport when taking off VFR.

Picking up a pop-up IFR clearance seemed to be a bit more ‘realistic’, course headings, intercept, and altitude. But… constantly told to expedite climb to 16,000 when at 16,000 is a bit annoying.

oh well… baby steps.

I use the in sim ATC and i agree it needs lots or work…As does SU5

That’s a joke, right?

No. You can post on these forums all you like, but the way to get something actually fixed is to raise on zendesk.

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