ATC never gives landing clearance?

hey guys,

so I’m currently learning/trying to fly IFR and mainly doing KCMH-KCLE/KORD for training. However, when I fly IFR, the ATC never gives me approach clearance nor landing clearance. I just got stucked at “Cleveland/Chicago Approach”. My options were still “direction to next vector/request altitude increase/decrease/cancel IFR” even if I was literally @ the approach procedure. So every time I try to land I have to cancel IFR and radio the tower from “nearby airport” option and request a full-stop landing in VFR. I chose gate to gate and didn’t choose a specific approach procedure when making the flight plan. Every other AI traffic seems to work fine as I constantly heard approach gives them clearance and tells them to contact tower etc.

Also, when I choose the “direction to next vector” option, the only response I got was “turn left heading 010 then resume own navigation” no matter where I am. Is it a bug or not?

Thanks in advance =)

Must he something wrong with that airport. I do IFR flights regularly and ATC since that last update hs been working pretty good.

Some ILS approaches in the sim are bad, but that’s another topic.

But overall ATC works fine for me. I would recommend trying some different airports. If you have problems at other airports, you may have some corrupted file.

I have the Marketplace version, and maybe it could be a steam issue.

I really wouldn’t be able to tell you what files to check.

Is ATC giving you an approach procedure that you then program into your FMS or are you choosing an arrival when you set up the flight?

I always set approach to automatic in the flight planning map in the sim and then ATC gives me an approach near the destination airport. I then input that into the FMS and that seems to work well enough.

Sometimes they stop talking and you can only reply to their communication which you can not hear :joy:.

Seems to be early load-shedding in the lead up to a CTD. First is atc then blackscreen then ctd.

The ATC just stop talking to me once I recevied “contact xxx approach”. Everything else along the way seems to work fine. (Clearance, Ground, Tower, Departure, Center). I never have the approach procedure assigned to me.

I set the approach to automatic in flight planning map too. I just chose an random small GA parking gate and leave the approach to automatic.

Yes that happened to me once when I was doing the pre-start checklist. I think when AI and ATC talks at the same time one of them just kind of frozed.

Thanks a lot. I will try to land at another airport to see if it works.

ok I tried a few different airports and it didn’t work.

I did KCMH-KCLE and chose an ILS 24R approach when creating the flight plan via world map. ZBAA-ZBTJ and used automatic approach. still same thing, everything else works fine besides no approach clearance & request vectors to next waypoint didn’t work(atc only tells me to turn xxx and resume own navigation and the heading I got from ATC didn’t make any sense).

I don’t know if anyone had the same issue. I might try to create a flight plan w/ LNM and see if it works.

Resume own navigation is normally something that you hear on VFR flight following from ATC or when an IFR flight plan gets cancelled by ATC, not on a vectored IFR flight because by definition they are instructing you where to fly, how high, how fast, they dont leave navigation up to you, not on an ILS approach.

Try a short flight, say EGGD to EGFF in the UK, they are both ILS airports and close together. You should be able to test ILS there without it taking too long. I know it works, EGGD is my home airport.

thanks! do you need to choose a specific arrive/approach plan from the world map tho? I’ll give that a try.

and my ATC just never gives me any instructions on anything. all I hear from ATC were contact xxx, and occasionally “traffic is at xxx, report when in sight”

No just go for automatic arrival to see if you receive a proper approach from ATC that you can then setup manually in the plane on route.

Oh… ups this posting was in the wrong thread :smiley: it belongs into the thread about the topic with binoculars and adding a binocular view to the flight sim, and I thought it would be awesome watching animals, bears, and adding some awesome animals with these binocular views. Plus adding some nice fauna from the alps like marmots and hares to observe these with these binoculars.
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