ATC oceanic procedures

It would be nice to improve the ATC while crossing the pond.

Improve? C’mon, the thing cannot do even normal approach vectoring.

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Just posting this here so if others have the issue they can know they aren’t alone. HF radios are implemented in the airliners and you can set the frequencies as needed but if you’re using ATC in the game when you’re in an area that should be switched over to HF IE: flying to the Caribbean from the US or flying over the ocean you never get asked to switch over to HF and instead the game continues to use VHF channels. I will file a zendesk ticket but if anyone else notices this issue if you can file one as well so it will be brought to the devs attention.

Yes, I know tons of other stuff to be fixed first but if we never report it than it will never be in the pipeline to be fixed. Also I know this game has brought a lot of new people to flight simming and that’s great but remember this is a simulator game and the more realistic we can have the devs make it the better the simulation.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but you are essentially asking for Oceanic control procedures?

Yes, as it is now the ATC tends to bounce you around VHF frequencies when in an oceanic control area until you’re within range of a normal ACC and you get transferred over to them.

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Yes, like this:

That was my assumption, but I wanted to double check before I merged cooljay113’s thread into yours.

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I would certainly like to see the ability to enable more realistic ATC for long range overseas flights, i.e. HF communication and radar contact termination, leaving the simmer to their own devices when it comes to navigation. Altered comms audio quality in accordance with HF communication would also be appreciated.