ATC panel choice 1/2/3.. bindings not working in VR

I have a strange problem. Flying in VR I have bound the “ATC panel choice 1,2,3 etc” to buttons on my hotas. But sometimes they dont react. It comes and goes during a single flight, and sometimes it doesnt work when having the ATC window open, but when closing the window and pushing the bound button it does. It also seems that when it doesnt work, pushing 1 on the keyboard doesnt either. I havent experienced this in 2D.
Anyone having the same problem?

Yes, I think it’s a bug, but like you said it comes and goes.

One clue to recreating it seems to be if the panel has focus with the mouse pointer over it or not. It seems sometimes when the pointer ‘appears’ over the ATC panel when you look at it that the keyboard bindings no longer work. If you move the mouse off the panel the bindings then seem to work again. That was a previous bug before SU9 I think, so might be back, this time in Alf-Pog form…

They can be very laggy\ delayed also, I have mine mapped to Voice Attack and can take a little time to appear

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Thanks for response, Ill have to investigate this with the mouse pointer.

Experiencing the same bug