ATC "Please Expedite... All traffic"

Hi all,

The ATC controller thinks it’s fun to call out all traffic in the air to expedite his/her climb or decent.
It is getting kinda annoying because sometimes i cant even answer his other commands he gives us because that man is too busy.

Screenshot 2021-01-30 212509

Thanks for the help and effort



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That’s true. It happened to me often too.

During this time I could not send a request or answer to the atc.

Is similar with Ki airplanes that take a long time to leave the runway. We wait, wait and wait until we finally get the start clearance.

Maybe it’s a computing bug?

Any solution found?

As you probably know, the ATC is just a carryover from the FSX ATC. So, the same thing would happen with FSX. I believe the problem is with the AI aircraft; they either don’t have a default climb/descent rate of >500-600 fpm, or they’ve been given a cruise altitude that is just too high and they struggle to climb to that altitude. I’m hoping that 3rd-party AI Traffic will address this.
You may have also heard ATC say “you are X hundred feet below/above your assigned altitude…” I think this is caused by rapid and large changes in barometric pressure, from the stupid live weather. MS needs to add smoothing to the barometric pressure changes to give all the AI aircraft, plus your aircraft, the ability to hold altitude as the pressure changes (ActiveSky for FSX/P3D had this feature)

YES!! me too. Drives me crazy. it is non stop expedite to this altitude, expedite to that altitude. All mixed in with a lot of “You are 300ft to low, climb to 30,000ft”

ATC…”Cessna 108…please expedite your climb to FL330”


Did you accidentally plan your flight with a cruising altitude of 33,000?

They’ve actually improved the ATC quite a bit in the last update. I tried two flights where I trusted the ATC completely and they did a great job in guiding me the whole way.

I may well have done. Will have another try tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

2ish hours into a flight in a Baron, and get hit with “Climb and maintain FL300”

Flight planned at 12000 and going over relatively flat terrain. No matter what I do to ATC to “reset” me back to 12k does nothing.

I find this ridiculous as the sim knows what my ceiling is in whatever AC I am in, because it gives that info on the stats in the selection screen! The sim knows my plane can’t do FL30!

I have never seen this behavior. But then I usually use flight following when I am in general aviation planes

I am flying a plane with a service ceiling of 20,000 feet and got climb to FL25.

IFR, and I set the requested altitude to 11,000 (no oxygen), in the pre-flight. Somehow it seems to get confused, with departure/arrival procedures. But, I encounter this issue in all phases of the flight.

I have also found that requesting an altitude change, it usually take the change and turns it into actual altitude… Be careful asking for a 2,000 increase or decrease in mountainous terrain.

Try just using Flight Following in GA planes. You can still set up a flight plan.

Might have to check it out again. I had given up on ATC. Expectations are low.

Always a good idea in general.

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