ATC Please Shut Up

Pfft… kids… lol

Seriously though, the second I read the topic headline, this instantly popped into my head and had to make that meme to share. lol

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And therein lies the problem. A 15 year gap between FSX and MSFS and the best the devs could do was just copy-paste the ATC in its entirety…

As for Pilot2ATC, my feeling is that it has just as many flaws as the default ATC and with an even more artificial-sounding voice.

The best experience I can recommend for anyone willing to take the step is to learn about VATSIM. The controllers are as efficient and impressive as they are friendly to help newcomers.

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I understand the “Expidite…” ATC requests should go down if/when the AI altitude bug is fixed - hopefully in the February update. But I would be fine if Asobo just got rid of the “Expidite” requests all together, which would seemingly be a very simple code modification. I think the volume of current ATC chatter would be pretty much perfect if that simple change was implemented.

The altitude bug has a big effect on this currently. But the problem has always existed to some extent. I think if they fix the AI overall, this could be alleviated greatly and not be a problem, Expedite calls are legit and should be there. We just shouldn’t be hearing them constantly as wel are now…

I’m not saying expedite calls aren’t legit. But IRL I can go all day without hearing a single call to expedite climb/descent. In my opinion, the most simple “solution” is to get rid of those requests all together for AI aircraft. I know I would not miss that “feature” even a little bit…

You can always vote here if you think it helps…

AI traffic repeatedly being told to expedite - Bugs & Issues / ATC & NAVAIDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

The expedite calls should be removed from the sim. Yes, you would sometimes hear them in real life, just like you will hear meowing and burping on 121.500. But in real life they are rare, in the sim they are continuous. A perfect example of how implementing something poorly is worse than not implementing it at all.

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Sounds like you have too many Offline AI traffic. Reduce the Traffic… 15-20% should be good enough. Anything above 50% is an endless chatter in the skies.


ATC should wait for readback from instructions before issuing the next message to another aircraft. At the moment it can monopolise the frequency all by itself. In the real world (and only in emergency situations) successive messages to different aircraft would be given with BREAK separating them.
Also, the readback of the instructions usually takes far too long, even if the frequency isn’t busy. I don’t know if this a technical limitation of the text to speech system, but if that is the case both the message, and the readback, could be prepared in advance (at least for the AI, as the responses would be predictable), and then ‘spoken’ one after the other with a suitably small pause.

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All the complaints of this nature that I hear seem to be from people using AI traffic.

I use live traffic exclusively and I have no problem at all; just enough chatter to populate the airwaves (and the sky) and no more.

And live traffic tends to keep to its assigned altitude so no “expedite” requests.

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I was flying a Cessna 172 and ATC told me to climb and maintain 30,000. A bit out of the plane’s specs and me with no oxygen…Maybe it will eventually get fixed…

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What altitude did you put in your flight plan?

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The simple point is that the MSFS ATC interaction is calculated based on rate of descent and the distance to the “target”. You need to have a minimum descent rate in order to get there in time and if you don’t descent fast enough ATC will give you an expedite.

Just turn off voices in your settings, you’ll still get the annoying msgs in your window, but you wont have to listen to them, and then just respond to the ones that apply to you…

I have zero problems with ATC. I’m also using the ATC mod and it has no expedite calls.

What is the name of the mod? I assume it is at

When ATC is giving out an expedite you will hear the click on the radio but no voice.

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Flying VFR. No flight plan.

Another problem with me is ATC always ask me to switch between 2 different freq. of one controll center every two mintues. I am still in their airspace but my feeling is like they want to shift their responsibility to another one and nobody wants to take care of my aircraft. :crazy_face:

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Also, they should change that “friendly” male voice.
Hé sounds as if he’s always annoyed…

That’s odd; I’ve never been told to use a certain altitude in VFR.

(In the sim, I mean.)