ATC Problems msfs

Is there anyone else having ATC Problems with the A320fbw Just a Thought! as now I have Problems with it when I do a flight Plan Normally it would Trace my flight and also tell me instruction on Height and when to Descend and how much by, but Now it does not do that. Is theer a Bug in the ATC or what. would be interested to hear others if having the Problems.

Hi @AgreedCake72175. I moved your post here to the #self-service:atc-traffic-navaids category where ATC issues are discussed. I believe your issue has to do with ATC and not specifically with the FBW A320, which is a 3rd Party Mod.

I also add an “atc” tag to your post to help with searchability.

If you use SimBrief to create your flight plan, make sure you download the FS2020 .PLN file from it. Then on the MSFS world map before you start the flight. Load the flight plan that you downloaded and pick the starting gate and approach using the drop down (don’t click on the parking spot icon). This will prevent the flight plan to be refreshed and stays with what was created from SimBrief. Then you can start your flight.

That way, the FBW A32NX and the ATC are both using the same flight plan to fly and give you clearance.