ATC problems since upgrade

Hi all

The upgrade and hotfix were great for me. Absolutely brilliant.

My only observation is the ATC seems weird.
On the world map, routes between 2 or more points zig zag. And when you look at the garmin displays the route refers to points which don’t exist, whereas previously only the airfields were referred too. This also seems to confuse the copilot.
Also the copilot no longer requests landing from destination airport.

Hope this helps


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Mine ATC always saying expedite +/- 300 depend of altitude. STD byro looks like doesn’t work anymore too


Yeah, this seems to happen because the ATC doesn’t seem to tune their own altimeter to STD altimeter, it keeps harrassing you with the altitude because they’re reading using the local altimeter under the transition altitude.

The workaround for this is that if they tell you you’re 300 ft above the assigned altitude, you disengage the STD altimeter and set it so that it’s showing you are 300 feet above your assigned altitude, then use your autopilot to descend back to that assigned altitude, that should silence ATC.

The problem with this is that as you fly through your flight plan, you’ll go through different blocks of weather, if these blocks have a different altimeter reading, ATC will start nagging you again, and you need to reset the altimeter again to silence them.

It’s a hassle right now, so another workaround is to use a custom weather preset, where you have a constant barometric pressure throughout the entire flight, so you don’t need to keep changing it.


I hope they patch this soon

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I was hoping this was in the hotfix… But apparently not… Oh well, I’ll just fly with the preset for now.

On the xbox game controller is there a button i can assign for setting the altimeter it keeps popping up on my tv screen it was already assigned on my computer keyboard but not on my xbox series x game controller

I was flying at 3000 feet and ATC asked me to report a Cessna at 5 o’clock and zero feet.

Who tested this dumpster fire?


Yes. This same thing happens to me. TIMECLIMB and TIMEAPPROACH are shown in the Garmin and the route zigzags all over the place when you try to make a plan. Quite frustrating to say the least. It seems even if I’m successful in making a flight plan in the planner the TIMECLIMB and TIMEAPP still appear in the flight plan when I start the flight. This just started with the latest update. I thought it might be something that got checked in the Assistance menu but the only thing I have checked there is taxi assistance.

This is happening to me right now and I’m tearing my hair out. I’m told to “expedite my climb to flight level 380” but I’m at flight level 380. How do I know what pressure they refer my altitute to?

I assigned it to RB+View Button.

Where is RB the first one on the top right or the second one

RB is the “Right Bumper” button, the upper one on the front-right. It acts as a shift button in this game. The trigger is called RT (Right Trigger).

Set the altimeter to 29.92, which is the standard pressure at that flight level, or press the B key on the keyboard.

That’s not good. If I set it to that I’m constantly nagged to expedite my climb to FL380. It’s annoying.

Why am i not receiving any audio from the atc besides my copilot i need audio instructions for landing procedures when that moment comes

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Same issue after the Xbox update…

Yeah the live weather and the ATC are playing tricks on us.

It was supposed to be and it’s in the patch notes. For some reason, the only fix that seems to have been included in the patch notes that made it to the actual patch was fixing the freezing when connecting / disconnecting USB devices.

Sadly, we’re going to have to wait much longer for a fix. They’re aware of it, but outside of the service industry, no one works weekends in France. So they’re not going to be starting to work on this until Monday. By the time they get the fix in place, get it tested (I couldn’t even type that with a straight face) and ready for deployment, I honestly don’t expect another patch until Thursday at the earliest. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I don’t see it happening before then.

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This workaround works at least! Thanks

I figured it out that 300 ft amounts to at around 0.07 on the altimeter. So it’s supposed to be at 29.92 - if they say you’re “300 ft below” then adjust it to 29.85. If you’re “300 ft above” then adjust it to 29.99. This at least kept them quiet for a while.