ATC problems since upgrade

Same thing here, tweaking with the barometer, it seems now the “correct” standard pressure is 2986 instead of 2992. I feel bad for the ATC girl, I’m doing everything I can to ignore her…

On recent IFR flights I also noticed that altitude assigments by ATC cannot be followed even if the altimeter is set to STD (29.92 or 1013 mbar), because ATC sees my plane at a much lower altitude which at FL 240 could be a much as 2000 ft below. This I realized after trying to use Rex Weather Force as an alternative to the MSFS live weather which since the update definitively does not work. In addition to this MSFS live weather will show completely unrealistic elevated temperatures at higher flight levels, thus degrading the performance of the plane to a point where it becomes unflyable.
Another very annoying bug is that any changes to exisiting IFR flight plans, including changes to STAR transitions and DIRECT’s to specific waypoints on the routings lead to the cancellation of the flight plan and are considered by ATC as a change of destination even though the destination airport has not changes.
I would appreciate feedback if others have experienced a similar behaviour since the update including the hotfix.


I’m siding on just ignoring / turning off ATC as I think I would rather fly with live weather. Just have to pay a bit more attention to attitude on approach etc

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Too bad the Live weather temperature bug is a lot more annoying than pushy ATC… at least ATC you can mute, Temperature bug from live weather could stall your aircraft…

Well this it true of course.

Having problems too. After some time, there’s no more messages from the controller, but the copilot (AI assisted ATC) keeps responding like there’s messages coming in. Very weird.


Feels like we a alitude problem here.
The ATC is freeking out “please expedite your climb FL270” at the moment.
Problem is I AM at FL270… with standard baro setting ofc.

Any one have a quick fix for this?

A workaround that I do is by changing my altimeter to somewhere around 995 hPa. For some reason the ATC is looking at this barometric pressure and comparing your altitude based on this. That’s why they see your aircraft at the “wrong” altitude while in reality you’re on the right one.

So by changing my altimeter to the “wrong” one that the ATC is looking at, the aircraft now has a matching altitude which silences the ATC.

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Look at that! Looks likes it working…
Flying at FL 283 now for the ATC to stop complaining about FL270…
Very well… thanks.
Hope there will be a fix for this.

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“you are 300ft below …” so now at 987Hpa… looks like it´s working.
Actually FL289… not 270.

Yeah, whenever the ATC tells you that you’re “below” or “above” by a specific number of feet. Adjust the altimeter again so that you are exactly where the ATC tells you. Then let the aircraft climb or descent to the same altitude again.

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I’m still sitting here with my popcorn watching and waiting for that button/option to appear for humans to take over when automation breaks… (I understand how annoying trolls can make ATC “non professional” but I believe there are some pros to it like having a beautiful tower view like FSX and a little bit more accurate control of the traffic.) This is almost like when I call FedEx or UPS about a missing package and you really want to talk to a human but the option just isn’t there…

This is my 2 cents / first ever response to MSFS since launch, I’ve been really quiet but I really think ATC is what is hurting the simulator the most. There should at least be an ON or OFF switch in your General Options menu to toggle if you would like to speak with players or AI. Players should still have an option to pop up in a tower or other air traffic control positions like (Tower, Ground, Departure, Approach etc.) Also If AI ATC is what people want then perhaps it should be able to more accurately control players and AI traffic together or maybe AI traffic/flightaware needs to be separated to offline and not intertwined but … I’m not sure what the agenda is or why its so difficult…

What feels odd to me is that when your on an IFR flightplan you can´t realy get the ATIS in the air.
Even if you know the frequency and put in manual it is silant.
Descent and approach clearances are weird …

I usually go VFR on the ATC and do my own radervectors and SID / STAR (Navigraph) just to don´t get the hassel.
What get me is that when you select “nearest airport” and you try to find the one you are heading to … it not on the 9 page list … but a hole lot of other airports that´s further away are …

Anyway … We should be able to put in the ATIS freq manualy and listen from a distance on what runway / weather is availble.
And go to twr freq to… not to much to ask?

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