ATC pronouncition of Air Canada is incorrect

ATC prnounce Air Canada as one word, it sound funny. space should be added between AIR and Canada

I know. Try putting in a hyphen instead (i.e. air-canada). That should hep with the pronunciation. Have you heard Droval? It sounds even funnier. :joy:

MiroCanada, hyphen did the job thank you very much. Dorval prononciation is funny …especialy since Dorval is my home airport…Thanks again …smiley: :smiley:

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You’re welcome. Toronto here. :grinning:

Is anyone still experiencing this?

This is what I hear:

I still in experience it when I type in AIRCANADA (due to formatting issue) I hear Air Cuh-nă-duh instead of Air Cānă-duh (normal pronunciation)

Shouldn’t it also repeat it after again in French ?

Sorry, I’ll get my :coat:

I thought poor pronunciation is the norm… Try fly to places that speak non-latin-lettered languages, you’d be amazed.

Personally I think their pronunciation for Chinese and Japanese are acceptable, only failing to separate double vowels (in Japanese one syllable strictly only has one vowel, so for example Oita is Oh-ee-ta, not “oe-ta”.)
Or some words that ends in E, such as Chitose being chi-to-s, instead of the correct chi-to-sei

Still not getting the right pronunciation whether it’s a hyphen between the words or the ICAO code. What am
I missing?

Should I use Air-Canada and not AIR-CANADA or what?