ATC QNH information wrong

Has anyone else experienced this. When ATC gives me a QNH it is about 300 feet out . I have had this happen on more than one aircraft but it did used to be ok

Yes I had this too. Had a QNH of 30.33 or something like that and then the ATC always told me that I am 400 feet below the specified height.

Any more context? Does this happen while still on the ground? You’re not mixing up QNH and QFE? Airport elevation is taken into account?

Altimeter setting shall be set to 29.92 when cruising above a transition altitude (18000 ft in the US, different values of TA around world). I do not know how MS flight sim works with transition altitudes but this could be the most probable reason why you are getting warnings from ATC.

Thanks for the reply . This happends on the ground or in flight .ATC should give hieght above sea level QNH but the atmospheric pressure setting given by ATC is so wrong that when I was at an airport 7 feet above sea level it told me I was about 300 feet underground .

Yes, I had this frequently.

The QNH given by ATC sometimes differs from the actual pressure in the sim, obtained by pressing B.

Whatever the reason, the ATC still does not connect correctly to the weather engine. Temperature is broken, dewpoint is broken, clouds are broken.

Don’t rely on ATC for anything at the moment and set your QNH using the B key, especially on approach. TL is FL180 by default around the world in the sim.


I actually meant ATIS when talking about tempature etc., but ATC will still give you false QNH values.

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Cheers for the tip, these little probs don’t spoil a great sim and as long as the important bits keep working with a few work arounds I’m happy

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