ATC Real voice interaction?

Real voice interaction with ATC would be fantastic in FS2020! I think that technology is some way off, but this would really add to the realism. NeoFly have a text to speech app, so hearing voices is much better. I would imagine that a PC that can understand your own voice and convert it to a digital command would need to be powerful.

You may want to try Pilot2ATC, as that does a great job of voice recognition (and is generally a much better ATC system).

Alternatively VATSIM allows you to have a real person for your ATC but, depending on where you are in the world, coverage can be limited.

Both have quite a steep learning curve and can be a little intimidating to begin with (VATSIM in particular, as you are dealing with a real person) but they are both great resources, with Pilot2ATC being a great stepping stone up to VATSIM.

I just wish the creator of Pilot2Atc would significantly upgrade the user interface. It’s not only very dated, but it’s not very user friendly. Looks more like the software you’d see at a large telescope building that only the scientists using it understand.


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