ATC requesting altitudes with 100s of feet

Sometimes, on approaches, atc will request descents to altitudes that are not whole thousands I.e. 2600’ for example. I am usually in the a320 and I am only able to dial in altitudes with whole numbers of thousands, 2000’ , 3000’, etc. Of course atc will pester me with multiple requests to correct my altitude. Does anyone else experience this?

The reason you can’t adjust in hundreds is because of the acceleration bug caused by using a controller with rocker switches that always stay on.
There are heeps of threads about this problem.

The below link shows you how to identify the always on switches you have assigned to a profile

This post is my solution I used for my honeycomb controllers

Thanks for trying to help. I’m not sure if what you posted applies in my case. I use a Logitech x56 and always change the altitude setting using my mouse on the altitude knob within the cockpit.

oh I think I see what you mean
You gotta click the out side ring to move between 1000 and 100 incrementschangeInc


Which is what I try to do, but it doesn’t work. In fact, if I do this in non-VR mode; it zooms the cockpit in and out. In VR mode; nothing happens.

I just tried it and it definitely worked for me!
I click where the arrow is pointing to change the scale and mouse wheel on top for the knob to dial in the altitude

That certainly is strange - it has never worked for me.

Actually, thanks to you, I just finally figured out what I was doing wrong. The key words were changing scale - first. All this time, I was simply trying to rotate the scale ring, assuming that, that was was I was supposed to do. Thanks again, now ATC won’t get upset at me over this issue anymore lol.

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