ATC & runway issue at CYYZ/YYZ

So when ever im takingoff or landing at toronto intl (CYYZ/YYZ) default atc always tells me to take off or land on rwy 33L, 33R, 15L or 15R. Those this only happen with me or is this a bug? And how do I fix this?

Are you saying ATC clears you for all four runways at once?

no the atc only tells me to takeoff or land on 1 of those runways but atc never tells me to takeoff or land on rwy 24L, 24R, 23, 05, 06L, or 06R.

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When you create a plan in the world map, and select any of the 24/6 rwys as departure, does ATC still only give you 33/15?

I don’t select departure rwy because I insert the flight plan in the fmc by myself…

Filling out the world map planner, at least entering Departure and Arrivals, should solve your issue.

okay, ill try that.

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