ATC spanish

Hello, today something very curious happened to me, at the beginning of a flight the ATC was speaking to me in English, a language that unfortunately I do not understand, and suddenly something came up regarding the sound of AZURE, which could not be loaded or something like that, it was very fast and the ATC began with another voice to speak in Spanish, I almost died of joy hahaha, but on the next flight it was back to normal.
Do you know how I can put the ATC voice back in Spanish?
Greetings and thank you very much for your time.


The official language in aviation is English and it is a flight simulation.
It simulates as close as possible the real world of aviation.

ICAO allows the native language to be used for the pilots who speak the language. But the controllers have to speak English with everyone else. The tower might issue one command in the native language and then the next in English. This definitely creates a situational awareness problem for pilots!

Even though English is the official language, there isn’t an official dialect. American? British? Australian? New Zealand? Irish? Scottish?

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LOL, good luck to the rest of the worlds pilots if all controllers had to put on a fake thick Scottish accent or they get fired!!

There would be a lot of accidents :slight_smile:

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The official language in aviation is English only when pilots and controllers do not speak the same language. In each region the native language is used when both pilots and controllers speak it. In Spain, France or Germany, for example, the respective languages are spoken as a priority.