ATC speaking English

So last night I was flying around Paris. Saw the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, took off from Charles De Gaule airport. Everything was so photo realistic and immersive. Then ATC started talking to me in English. Broke the realism- Uninstalling

Not sure if serious or trolling…?


You better should read about what language the standard for ATC is in the world


Is the OP serious? I thought just about everybody with the vaguest interest in aviation knows English is used throughout the world for ATC.

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Pretty sure this a troll post guys! :joy: But it is hard to tell nowadays.


Accents wouldn’t go amiss though, and in the UK we don’t have flight following so why can’t the ATC instructions change appropriately with the location? Disappointing they didn’t implement this.

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Because making voice packs with every accent on earth would be stupidly costly.

If you want accents, that’s what Vatsim is for.

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Really?! So you would have every pilot in the world learn french?!

Thank you for your feedback.

You’re either trolling or wrong, so closing this thread as nothing good can come from it.