ATC spelling out entire airport name instead of ICAO?

I noticed yesterday that the atc was spelling out the entire airport name instead of ICAO …Ive installed the latest patch.

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Which airport(s)?

KSEA- it said S-E-A-T-T-L-E T-A-C-O-M-A- A-I-R-P-O-R-T-

Another thing I noticed was that ea time I fire up the sim .The atc does something different

I’ll try to replicate it later today. Right now, I need to get breakfast and a shower, then go stand in line to vote.


Vote wisely. :wink:



Also noticed this quite a few times, especially if I use littlenavmap to create a flight plan… even prior to the latest update.

I’ve seen it with San Francisco KSFO

I had this happen in Nice, Côte d’Azure.

I am sure it is related to how the names are save in the game files. When they are all in caps, the AI tends to pronounce them letter by letter somethign like that.

I also believe this is tied when anything ATC reads back (not just airports) is in all caps. I had my callsign as all caps and it read it back as letters as well. Can’t remember how it handles waypoints.

Even call signs are getting pronounced phonetically… My “N21” is getting read as “November 2 Oh-en-eee.”

I get the spelling Oh-en-ee all the time, even when ATC is assigning frequencies, but sometimes only for one of the 1s in a string. E.g. 119 might be read out as “Oh En EE 1 Niner” Fortunately, that is a short word to spell out, lol.

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It’s been doing that for me since 2 patches ago.


And it spells the ENTIRE name out almost every time.

And the O-N-E thing is annoying as hell too…


I tried ATIS and Ground, but couldn’t replicate the issue. Were you inbound?

I have reported these kind of things with ATC including saying O N E instead of 1 and WINEd instead of WINd as well for the last year multiple times on Zendesk. Not sure how long this will take to fix but for now I gave up.

Try flying around Ft Worth and it ssys “F” “T” “Worth”.

My guess is that they made changes in the TTS file to translate some of the main ICAOs to names, but specified the names in uppercase. When TTS sees the uppercase spelling, sometimes it spells it out instead of saying it.

I’ll check this out after dinner.

This is why the number one is sometimes spelled out by ATC. When I changed the translation to “one” I stopped hearing that (but I think the latest patch wiped out my changes).

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Same in KDFW and dozens of others

Where is that file located so I can fix the O-N-E problem?

Does ATC spell out “K D F W” or does it spell out “D A L L A S F O R T W O R T H” or something else?