ATC spelling out entire airport name instead of ICAO?


The file is en-US.locPak.

Be warned, it will be overridden in an update.

I couldn’t find any TTS definition that would cause this spelling. The TTS definition for KSEA is:

  "ATCCOM.AIRPORT KSEA.0.text": "Seattle",
  "ATCCOM.AIRPORT KSEA.0.tts": "Seattle",

That would simply say “Seattle.”

The closest think I could find in the definitions file is the airport definition:

  "": "Seattle",
  "": "Seattle-Tacoma Intl",
  "AIRPORTEK.KSEA.state": "Washington",

But that’s not a TTS translation. It just defines the name for KSEA. So, I’m not sure what causes it, or how to fix it.

Try switching voice source in the settings. You never know…

That’s an old bug but it’s nice we learn spelling!

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Lol it spells the long one plus I N T L :joy:

found this at Manchester International UK last night also

I think these long name spellings are coming from the section of the language file that looks like this:

  "": "Douglas",
  "": "Douglas Mun",
  "AIRPORTEK.KDGL.state": "Arizona",
  "": "Douglas",
  "": "Converse Co",
  "AIRPORTEK.KDGW.state": "Wyoming",
  "": "Chelsea",
  "": "Chelsea Airport",

My working theory is that the AIRPORTEK.[ICAO].name definitions are being pronounced by TTS, but when the name contains something TTS doesn’t know how to pronounce, it spells the whole thing out. A workaround would be to redo the name and spell out any abbreviations. For example:

  "": "Dallas-Ft Worth",
  "": "Dallas-Ft Worth Intl",

would become

  "": "Dallas-Ft Worth",
  "": "Dallas-Fort Worth International",

A lot of the AIRPORTEK.[ICAO].name definitions would need to be changed, if this is the case, so I’m going to change the KDFW one only for now to see if that fixes the problem. If it does, I’ll go through the whole list and fix all the abbreviations I can find.

Hmmm. I can’t get ATC to use the long name for DFW, so I can’t tell if my change has had any effect. Can someone give me the steps to follow for the long name to be used?

the problem is when that happens to LGAV and the spelling is E-L-E-Y-T-H-E-R-I-O-S-V-E-N-I-Z-E-L-O-S-A-I-R-P-O-R-T …I feel the atc is going to die from Suffocation !!!


P H O E N I X S K Y H A R B O R I N T L :sob:

Flew from BUF to DFW on the a320. Very easy to reproduce, just start an ifr flight and the clearance in BUF will do the trick.

I had the same at CYYZ and CYUL, very annoying.

Is it Clearance Delivery that spells it out? I’ve just started a flight from BUF and CD just referenced DFW airport, not Dallas-Fort Worth ITNL. I Wonder if the given name is randomly given with both short and long names.

Here is CD to me for IFR flight from BUF to DFW. What am I missing?

“CLERANCE”??? I’m suddenly having flashbacks of Peter Graves in a pilot uniform ripping some of the best one-liners ever filmed.

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Wow, surprising. That’s not what I experienced. Will try to reproduce again…

Even stranger, I did a flight from KBED to KJFK. In one message it would reference the airport as simply ‘Kennedy’, the next message it spelled the name out.

I was finally able to reproduce the long name spell out after many attempts. Apparently, whether it uses the short name or the long name is random, so it just has to be repeated over time to cause the problem to occur.

As you can see below, I modified the English location file to replace abbreviations for KDFW, but the name was still spelled out by TTS.

I’ll try another trick I can think of, and see if that fixes the issue.

No joy! All of my tricks were duds.

For some reason the program is taking mixed case airport names like “Dallas/Fort Worth International” and converting those to uppercase before sending them to TTS. I believe this is why TTS is spelling the names out. Unfortunately, I am unable to find a workaround for this by modifying the location file.

This is something we’ll have to wait on for Asobo to fix.

Same issue for KSFO and several others till now.