ATC stuck

the atc stucks while landing is there any solution to this?

Can you elaborate with a bit more detail by what you mean by “stuck”?

I have the probelm too. As soon as you are at an airport, the radio traffic is displayed but there is no voice output. At the moment, Azur doesn’t seem to work either.


I had something similar a couple of days ago. In my experience it was more like lag/ATC became unresponsive. I wasn’t able to input responses and/or the ATC response list was missing options (ones that should have been there.)

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This problem exists since World Update 4 (since almost two months now) and Asobo seems not to care at all.
ATC is unsable since World Update 4 unfortunatelly.
You can “fix” it when you click on “Com2” in the ATC Window and then quickly go back to Com1.
That usually “releases” the ATC from beeing stuck.
But it will still have issues, messages displayed without sound, etc.
Super annoying.

Asobo seems not to care however :confused:


thanks, i found that out too but still its annoying

I must give this a try.

Thanks for that.

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