ATC switches Radio to Departure frequency immediately on IFR flight which causes problems

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I created an IFR flight plan from KASH to KBED using the C172 Classic.
All ATC interaction proceeded normally from Cold and Dark startup up through takeoff.
At the point where Tower hands me off to Departure, it stated “Contact Departure on 124.9” and immediately automatically switched the radio frequency.
When it did that, my ATC window went blank, and the only choice was to contact Tower. I couldn’t contact Departure even though my radio was on 124.9. This is in fact what was needed, as I never got to acknowledge the instructions.
So I switched back to Tower Frequency, Acknowledged the instructions, and everything continued as normal from there.

The point is, in the past, the sim would give me the instruction, I would acknowledge the instruction, and then there would be a menu choice to switch frequency, I would select to switch frequency, then it would give me a menu choice to contact departure, and off we would go. ATC is now short circuiting that process and breaking the flow.

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Yup. Just ran into this today.

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I’m not getting “Cessna NC77CC, you’re leaving my airspace. Frequency change approved” anymore. I have a video and I noted some ATC bugs. At about the 7:39 mark, apparently I was still being followed by ATC and when I tried to cancel flight following there was no response. My objective was to fly south but I continued to fly north for miles without any interaction from the tower handing me off.

So what I logged here was an IFR flight, in that case they would tell you to contact departure on, blah, which they did, but the switch of frequency was immediate and automatic. I think someone thought they were helping, not realizing they were breaking what is already a half working system. But at least it worked before.

I imagine your experience, which I assume is a VFR flight? Is due to the same “streamlining”…


Yes. I was flying VFR from Paine Field to Auburn Washington which is a short flight in a Cessna Caravan. The tower told me to continue north departure and never got back to me. Who knows how many miles and minutes I would have flown north if and when the tower would finally hand me off? ATC has definitely gone several steps backwards in this update. I had the same thing happen from San Antonio to Austin Texas in the Cessna 172 G1000. I also did a low altitude airways flight from Port Angeles Washington to Bremerton Washington and it didn’t generate the same flight plan that it has often generated in the past. One interesting thing though, was originally, the flight plan had a waypoint called GITRE. In this new flight plan, GITRE wasn’t listed as one of the waypoints, however, ATC still told me to continue to GITRE (like it always did in this flight plan) but GITRE wasn’t on the list.

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Did it switch frequency for you? Was there a choice to go back to Tower Frequency? In my case, I saw the choice to go back to Tower, I did, and I saw it was still waiting for my reponse to the change in frequency. I responded, and everything worked after that.

Interesting about GITRE. There’s another issue with the World Map that all airports are now shown as not having published Instrument Procedures on the map, even though they do. And there has long been an issue with waypoints, though, not being a user waypoint, GITRE should be ok.

I did a flight before the update where I added waypoint in my flight plan (on the GNS530) that was already previously used (an hour before), and when I did that, it switched my current leg to be to to the first instance of the waypoint.

No it didn’t. I saw an option to cancel flight following and I was still tuned in to Paine Field. When I requested to cancel flight following, I got no response.

If it makes you feel better, that issue is listed in the known issues. I think this problem is related, but, since it was directly described as a known issue, and I found a workaround, I posted the description anyway.

Yes, extremely annoying! This one needs more attention!

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Moderator edit:

Hello everyone, I have a problem with my ATC, indeed, I fly to the QNH passed to the FL180 to the FL250, my cruising altitude and ATC tells me to go down. weird…

Bonjour tout le monde, j’ai un problème avec mon ATC, en effet, je vole au QNH passé au FL180 au FL250, mon altitude de croisière et l’ATC me dis de descendre. Bizarre…

So, that’s a different problem than what’s described here, but, before I suggest you create another bug report, can you explain why you think this is weird? ATC will not necessarily, in fact won’t, honor the flight plan you create, as their job is to use that as a suggestion to let them know what you want to do, and then they’ll create a flight plan that integrates with the rest of the traffic during your flight. MSFS ATC tries to replicate this by randomizing a bit flight plans.

With that in mind, what altitude are they sending you to? If it’s going from FL250 to 2000 ft, well, that would be a problem I’d report. But that problem is very different from this one. This is more about how it now handles radio procedures in SU5.

Seems this has been fixed with last patch?

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Quel patch?

Today a new one… this one is a doozy. With every one of 3 flights I tried today with FBW A320, at some point early on, the ATC switches from Azure to offline Text-to-Speech.

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That’s a different topic, but, yeah, I keep getting that, too.

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Same here. But I don’t get this automatic switching after departure anymore.