ATC traffic spacing / holding pattern

I could not believe I hear atc clear 2 aircraft to land 2 seconds apart from each other. One had to go around obviously. The same problem is brought into msfs2020. The ATC AI system should be able to have a light that separates aircraft either by speed restrictions, vectors or holding pattern stacks.

The main and top goal of ATC is to keep aircraft separate from each other. Just as in FSX the FS2020 ATC does not do that. High the air at cruising altitude it will do nothing to prevent aircraft coliding with each other. On approach it will vector all aircraft in without providing any separation resulting in endless go arounds. It is time to finally fix that.

There are numerous other issues but probably it is better to keep one thread for each issue…

If it were easy to program a computer to separate planes, a lot of us real-world controllers would be out of a job. ;).

Seriously, yes they could do some separation and maybe they have a bit… I’m flying with multiplayer on and just guessing all the other “deals” I’m seeing (‘deal’ is ATC slang for a loss of separation) is down to other human players having fun messing around online, and they’re not AI aircraft.

(In case Asobo is reading this, I’d LOVE to help you program your ATC to be better!)


The ATC in general is terrible, I elect to not use it anymore.

Just off the top of my head;

  • It’s not localized to the world, instead each player has their own separate ATC, what’s the point…
  • The procedures ATC instructs are no where near the real world procedures.
  • Pressure is not in QNH in the sim

The final straw for me was when I was cleared to land at a class C airport and a few seconds later an AI aircraft was cleared for takeoff on the reciprocal runway, when I was about 10ft off the ground ATC said for me to go around… just horrible…

Yeah ATC needs overhaul for sure.