ATC, VFR etc unsuasbale since last patch

It was working perfectly before the patch.

Now when I bring the dialogues such as ATC or VFR up… it fills almost my entire filed of vision and the mouse will not interact with it.

I can’t move it, I can’t click on it, and I can’t zoom into VFR

look… I am one of your biggest defenders and already clcoked over 300 hours flight time… and this is really starting to ■■■■ me off that every update brings significant bugs.

After spending huge bucks to get an occulus only a few days ago that arrives today, it is unusable… at least in terms of ATC, vfr etc. Of course I can’t call for refuel or the ramp or anything.

Considering what I had to do to justify the headset to my partner, only to have this happen… has me VERY VERY VERY GRUMPY !!! are you lot beta testing patches live or what?

some please help… or Asobo please fix URGENTLY ffs

a screengrab… remember this is the VR view, so my eye can’t even take in all the panel

also… anyone in the YMML region interested in a Dell Vizor headset for free… pm me

I just did a short Twitch stream showing just what you are talking about and the tone of it is also how frustrated that I also am. I have been streaming MSFS VR but with this update that has ended till it can be resolved.

My Twitch name is the same as here if you want to look at what I was showing.


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thanks for your answer and I checked out the vid. It is not dissimilar to what I am experiencing, but you seemed to be able to grab the window corner and resize/move it. I could not even do that. The window is also pinned to my center of vision, when I move my head, the panel does too. The bottoms behaved the same… no option to click

I poked around for interface settings and could not find any that seemed to relate. I will look again but…
and the Oculus just arrived…

The only upshot… handing ATC over to the copilot AI. but if I need to contact an airport… I will be landing without clearance… Clarence

I have just sent a bug report to Zendesk for this issue and gave them a link to my video from Twitch to show the issue and will see what comes from this.


User StopHalfling310
Well, I found a fix.

While in VR, press TAB to open the VR menu bar.
Once visible, use the rightmost option (settings) and use the option to reset the panels state.
Screen will skip a frame or two and there you go, it fixes them all.

Probably some weird state that persisted following the update.
Everything is now back to normal.

It seems we have to do this for every session.



that said, thanks, I will check it out today after my Oculus cable arrives :sunglasses:
I just hope i can get it running… it took me 30 minutes just to find the charge port, thanks to their impressive packaging that doesn’t even look like packaging

I don’t know if there was a change, but I just did my first flight with the oculus… no problem with these windows

did u get it to work? I am still experiencing this problem

I put it aside, and need to go back to it. I was spending more time messing with that than flying.
Occulus apparently just had an OS update. The wifi kept crashing in mine and tethered was to low fps. Apparently wifi issues occurred after the previous update, so I hope this resolves it. I will give it another try soon

Okay. please let me know. btw wireless VR must be awesome right?! I use a good old tethered Acer WMR headset.

This happened to me today. Was either missing the buttons in the ATC window. Or windows (like the ATC one) wouldn’t show at all (i hear the opening sound but no window). Or even worse they would be sticky to my headset/eyes (almost in full view) while being unable to move them around (not sure if it helps but i added a pic of that last issue, that one is even painfull to the eyes actually).

I have none of these issues when using my monitors (although the VFR map sometimes won’t show there as well).

Hope it will be fixed. This next to mouse movement issues and the usual VR and alt-tab back and forth quirks, its stil a bit of mess. Performance in VR seems pretty good now! So its awesome when it works but these issues force me to still use the monitors.

Before opening any window in VR you have to click on the reset panels button to have them work like before SU5