ATC Voices - Annoying

Listening to only 2 atc persons since last August is driving me whacky. I don’t suppose there’s anyway to add our own?

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What voices are you using? Offline or azure?


I’ve tried online as well as the Azure voices. It’s annoying too when over Australia and the atc guy has an American accent

It’s not a super big deal though I wish they’d have some variety. :grinning:

There are a few Wishlist topics that correspond to what you’re asking about:

Offline text to speech has more voices although they sound like kindergarten :sweat_smile:


I just play real ATC background I get off of YouTube from the part of the world I am flying in as I fly.
Makes it more realistic for me.


If you haven’t already, look into Pilot2ATC. This offers a whole new level of immersion for ATC. You can use the voices provided by Windows Language for accents from all over the word, as well as voice recognition. Use in conjunction with, you’ll be a happy camper with whatever simulator platform you’re using. P2ATC is well worth the $$ imho. LiveATC is free.

Isn’t Pilot2ATC using FAA phraseology? At least its what I remember from some Youtube videos I saw…

Thanks everyone for the feedback. I’ll poke around.

More options out there are VATSIM, IVAO, PilotEdge and POSCON. I’ve been on VATSIM since 2009 and I have honestly never used stock ATC since.

I mute in game atc and use FS-ATC-Chatter, very good addon uses real atc and it even has regions USA, Australia, Europe etc… also tunes to what freq you tune into
ie, tune into tower at JFK and it will play JFK tower sound files, very clever give it a google theres a demo to try!


Yes. I believe so. I have my PPL, but it’s been awhile since I’ve flown. It helps with developing listening skills and has a co-pilot option for tuning radios and responding if you just want to focus on flying. It’s like having the instructor with you working radios. Pretty cooi! I’ve been using it for a long time. Pilot Edge would be the next step up, and from what I understand is the next best thing to real ATC since you’re talking to real people playing the role of controller. All these things are pretty well know in the flight sim world.

FS-ATC-CHATTER. The best immersion for the sim.

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Yeah well FAA phraseology is not really helpful for people on this side of then pond. As far as I’m aware there isn’t anything available using proper ICAO phraseology…

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