Atc + weather= disaster

Everytime before i prepare plane for landing, check flightradar24 to see metar airport and approaching planes, and 80% atc in msfs2020 gave me opposite instructions than reallife

Are you using a metar injecting weather add on? Like unreal weather (free) or Rex weather (pay)? If not good luck, the built in weather injection is pretty inaccurate and useless for that.

I am using default real weather, and it’s 80% accurate but atc is not compatible with real world…they gave me landing with tail wind 30knots​:rofl::rofl::cold_sweat:

The built-in weather injector is not inaccurate or useless. You are using it wrong.

Asobo is using Live Weather. Live Weather is not meant to be Real World weather. If you are getting a metar from real world sources why would you expect it to match? Live Weather is simply a weather model that changes and evolves without jarring reloads like in other sims. It is supposed to be close to real life but NOT the same.

You would have to somehow get the metar from the sim. Try tuning the ATIS of your destination airport.

It’s rofl in that you are deciding what to wear based on yesterday’s weather report.

Yep. Getting a bit fed up with being told to land on RWY 27 in a howling Easterly wind. If ASOBO can’t get this right then surely we should be given the option to select a RWY for landing.

Gloster (EGBJ) has 27/09, 22/04 and 36/18 available, but ATC gives me RWY 27 whatever the wind (not helpful hen your aircraft has a 15 kt crosswind limit).

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Uh, you can select another runway for landing. You can select a different approach too. It’s all in the ATC menu already.

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Uh, only at non controlled airfields

Although live weather does not mean real weather, as noted above, it is designed to mimic real weather and usually has fairly accurate representation including wind data. ATIS and ATC issues is a bit different story.

Yes. It would be a more productive conversation if we focussed on ways to determine the metar and wind information IN THE SIM more accurately. Maybe the SDK is not ready for that yet

Correct, the most frustration right now comes from discrepancies between real world METARs etc and what we have in the game because the game does not provide its own METARs etc for flight planning. Once they implement proper weather data output for flight planning, most people won’t have reasons to complaint about getting into the wildly unexpected conditions.

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