Atc window not showing any options

My atc window has no options at all , it’s blank , no ground services , no tower contacts nothing everything is blanked out

Is there any solution

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Have you deletedyour navigraph folder inthe community folder?
If yes, you probably wiped the navdata. Reinstall navigraph.

Yes I did that , strangely atc shows tower etc when co pilot handles atc

Is there any body from Microsoft flight simulator support that helps us here ?
We spend to buy the simulator and multiple addons yet we lack the required help to run it properly


I’m having the exact same issue!!!..I didn’t do anything…it was working before the last update!..then all of the sudden! “no atc options”.


Options should reappear by switching to another COM tab, then switching back to the first one.

Just did that …but didn’t work neither…any ideas?

I reinstalled windows , with US English , reinstalled msfs 20, followed all the earlier instructions , no improvement at all , hope they find a solution or a third party ATC comes along

Add me to the list. Have also tried turning off the co pilot assistant and manually tuning radio to the CT then it gives me only the option to tune approach but they don’t know I’m there.
Just started happening recently been flying the JF Arrow, will to back to the stock C-172 and see what happens.
EDIT: I forgot to turn on the transponder so, of course, they didn’t see me, duh.

Count me in as well:

I’m going to try that. Thanks.

This is what I see. Is there any help? All systems are on. Only started happening since SU5. Happens on the FBW A320 when loading a prefiled flight from Navigraph/Simbrief. Is Navigraph Navdata Centre got something to do with it?

Also, no options are available to select. Even ground services. Once I click on it it says to return to clearance however nothing shows

This was covered previously. Do a search. One fix is, if you emptied or renamed your Community folder, and if you had Navigraph in that folder, you need to re-install Navigraph. That fixed it for me.

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I fixed it by doing this and revising the versions in the Navigraph Navdata Centre. Thanks

I just started having this issue all of a sudden. Haven’t changed any settings or installed anything new. No options in the ATC window. Have tried restarting everything, changing to COM2 and back to COM1, tried different planes, reinstalled Navigraph. Has anyone else run into this recently?

Just experienced this for the first time today after loads of flights without any issue. I even did a few hours this morning.

The one thing I did differently this time is I used Littlenavmap (freshly installed today) to create the flightplan and then loaded this file as opposed to using a flightplan setup entirely within the sim.

I will test further.

EDIT: Landed the plane. Ended the flight , but stayed in the sim. Used the in-sim world map flight planning and so far it has behaved perfectly. Full ATC again

Iv also had this for this first time this morning.