ATC Window position not saved with SU8

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After setting a position for the ATC window and close it, it re-appears again in the middle of the screen when i opoen the window, it did not save the position i set it.
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ATC Window Position not saved - YouTube
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after SU 8

So, i just installed SU8, runs fine so far. It’s just, again, they again put in an annoying “feature” to always reposition the ATC window in the middle of the screen so you cannot see whats in front.
I really wonder how this can pass into the final version :roll_eyes:

I did not run the beta, so i guess it was already there. Is there a fix available? These annoying window problems are really killing my nerves :rofl:

Now that’s odd, I thought I would try on my sim.
I tried three different positions, top right , just to the right side of the pilot view, and top left.
All three positions were restored to where I left it, on closing and reopening the ATC window.
I’ll try to see what I can find that may cause this.

I’ll do a quick video.

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ATC Window Position not saved - YouTube

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Also, ATC window always shows the most top (oldest) message when opened during flight. Not the latest (newest) message received.
Or in other words, it is scrolled up to the top when opened, not scrolled down to the last message.


One of the bugs reported during beta… cant remember any bug invented with su8 beta was fixed during beta period …

I have the same issue. When flying in VR, I relocate and resize the ATC window off to the side but after the last update it always moves back to default position and size after closing and reopening it.

PC / MS Store / No developer mode but now that I think of it, it might have been in safe mode after a crash and restart.