ATC won't acknowledge TOD

Fix the ATC !! Geez ! I just flew KBUR -KLAS and was at cruise altitude 270. My TOD is marked on my PFD, it’s listed in simbrief flight plan as well. ATC never had me descend , it flew me at 270 right over KLAS . What is goin on ? I’m using Flytampa Klas and Navigraph . What is goin on ? Fix the ATC asap.

Ingame ATC Never worked and will never work. Would try VATSIM or IVAO or Pilot2ATC

Ok thanks . Will have to use vatsim now

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Flight plans created by SimBrief do not contain the waypoint altitude and speed restrictions used by ATC that are part of flight plans created by the MSFS World Map. This is why ATC doesn’t acknowledge TOD.

I noticed in the SimBrief MSFS flight plan download instructions a note that says “After import, you may need to reselect your SID, STAR, or approach using the provided dropdown menus.” If this is done, then the necessary waypoint restrictions for altitude and speed are added to flight plan for ATC instructions.

Try these instructions and see if your SimBrief flight plan works correctly with ATC.

Call the ATC and request clearance to descend yourself at your marked TOD…

Yep, it sucks that you have to ask for the descend clearance yourself, but it works. Ask for the increments of 10k feet from the start. If you’re flying the STAR, the stock ATC will pick up proper altitudes for you from about FL100.

They need to fix AI and ATC, they’ve been dancing around it for far too long.