| ATConnect | Canyon Razor Run Race

Hello, we are organizing a Canyon Razor Run RACE. There will be 3 possible legs to fly and you will be timed. There will be ATC active during the event to organise the starts of players

Please check this thread for updates before commencing on your flight on the date of the event.

Race at 2020-09-12T16:00:00Z2020-09-12T20:00:00Z


We will be taking off at 1G4 Airport, you will then be vectored around to the starting line inside the canyon at which point you can exit the race at three different points: Q1, Q3 and the finish line. The finishing Airport is KGCN

This will be a rolling start race, so the different planes will race with a 1-2min delay between them. This makes it way easier for ATC to time the players.

Below you can see the flight plan with all important points with a red line:
Starting position → Q1 → Q3 → Finish position

Here is the same image but as a radar view:

Her are some race times taken with the TBM with a average cruising speed of 250kts;

  • Starting line to Q1 : 13m22s
  • Q1 to Q3 : 10m49s
  • Q3 to Finish Line: 9m56s

You can fly all legs or only some but you have to do them in order.
So you can only do “Starting line → Q1” and then stop, or you can do “Starting line → Q1 → Q3” and then stop, but you can’t do “Q1 → Q3” or “Q3 → Finish Line” without the legs that come before them.

Please let the controller on the Ground at 1G4 know which legs you plan to fly.


Since the canyon can be challenging to navigate, a flight plan is provided below. This plan consists of 216 waypoints which should guide you through the whole canyon path

To use the flight plan, follow these steps:

  • Download the flight plan to a easy-to-remember location
  • Open MSFS
  • Go to the globe
  • Click “Load/Save flight plan” on the bottom of your screen
  • Click “Load”
  • Navigate to the downloaded flight plan
  • Click load

Turn off both aircraft collisions and terrain collisions. If you do crash, and you need to respawn you will need to do the whole race again.

RULES (please read carefully)

  • Allowed Aircraft: TBM 930, Extra 330LT, Pitts Special S2S
  • You have to be on Live Players since this is the only way to ensure that everyone has the same weather conditions.
    There will be Controllers/referee planes on the Ground of 1G4 that will need to make visual confirmation that we can see you, currently this is the only way to ensure everyone is using the same conditions.
  • Once on Race frequency, we will vector you into the canyon and tell you exactly when your race starts, when you pass checkpoints (Q1 & Q3) and when you are at the finish line.
  • We will monitor Speed of airplanes to ensure no modded airplanes are used (liveries are fine)
  • We will monitor Flight path and altitude to ensure you are flying inside the canyon and not taking any shortcuts. There will be warning before you would be to high. Allowed Altitude is roughly 2000 ft above the river bed
  • The Leaderboards will be on a per plane basis and also separated on a per leg basis + a Leaderboard for the whole race per plane will exist.
  • During the Event the first reply on this post will be updated with the Leaderboard and at the end the top positions will be announced on frequency


Server (selectable under your gamer tag, right top of the screen): East USA

Remember to reclick on all of the options in the menu, even if the settings are already selected.

Multiplayer: Live Players
Live traffic: No
Weather: Live (can’t be changed in Live Player Mode)

Disable ATC voice from Assistance → User Experience → ATC Voices (set to no) (no need to disable ATC, just don’t adhere to the instructions, when you are in community controlled airspace :wink: )


No text-based ATC will be provided (unless for help on the official discord).
We will be using the “Flight Events”-category and the voice channels under the category on the Official Discord

The Flight Events bot will switch you in to the channel with the freq you’ve set in COM1 in MSFS.

FLIGHT TRACKING & “ATC/Pilot-client”

The current build of MSFS does not show other players on the map. Therefore we will use the Flight Events app and the website https://events.flighttracker.tech/

As described above, in the Communication section, using Flight Events & Official Discord is required, because otherwise the ATC won’t be able to vector or communicate with you.

This is meant to be a fun and informal flight. Everybody is welcome, no matter the amount of experience.

If you have any questions, you can use the #fe-general channel in Discord!


  • Before the event: Write in #fe-general (in Discord)
  • During the event: Ask in #Pre-Flight Planning Voice Chat (in Discord)


  • Flight Events with Discord connection to official discord enabled.
  • 1G4 → KGCN
  • Spawn at a gate, not on a runway.
  • 2020-09-12T16:00:00Z2020-09-12T20:00:00Z
  • TBM 930, Extra 330LT, Pitts Special S2S
  • Flight Plans Google Drive
  • East USA, Live Players, No Live Traffic, Live Weather
  • If you experience issues with MSFS, restart at a gate at 1G4, you will need to do the whole race again
  • The frequencies used:
    • Disable ATC voice from assistance settings Assistance → User Experience → ATC Voices
      • 1G4 Tower + Ground: 122.900
      • Entering Race Vectors: 127.050
      • Race Frequency: 122.850
      • Leaving Race Vectors: 127.100
      • KGCN Tower + Ground: 119.000

If you want to join as a controller read this forum post: ATConnect


“[Uncf]” means that this plane couldn’t be confirmed to be flying in the same conditions as the other planes.

Whole Race:

TBM 930 | Extra 330LT | Pitts Special S2S
Position Name Time | Position Name Time | Position Name Time
1 Icaruza 00:32:56.679 | 1 [Uncf] MAD123 00:41:25.978 | 1 FRRM 00:54:26.233
2 DeferredGull247 00:33:01.645 | 2 Icaruza 00:47:47.665 |
3 Terminus 00:34:41.834 | 3 Merlin 00:49:06.505 |
4 [Uncf] N7JS 00:36:27.777 | 4 FRRM 00:49:23.926 |
5 Castle 00:38:15.261 | 5 Terminus 00:50:56.186 |
| 6 Roger Ramjet 00:51:58.563 |
| 7 Madmac 00:54:08.985 |

Starting line → Q1 Leg:

TBM 930 | Extra 330LT | Pitts Special S2S
Position Name Time | Position Name Time | Position Name Time
1 Icaruza 00:12:52.614 | 1 [Uncf] MAD123 00:16:20.547 | 1 BushFlyin 00:21:07.259
2 DeferredGull247 00:12:58.239 | 2 Icaruza 00:18:28.585 | 2 FRRM 00:21:16.887
3 Terminus N7JS 00:13:00.231 | 3 Roger Ramjet 00:19:09.819 |
4 [Uncf] N7JS 00:13:56.965 | 4 FRRM 00:19:25.063 |
5 Castle 00:15:26.468 | 5 Merlin 00:19:31.978 |
| 6 Terminus 00:20:04.436 |
| 7 Madmac 00:21:05.252 |

Q1 → Q3 Leg:

TBM 930 | Extra 330LT | Pitts Special S2S
Position Name Time | Position Name Time | Position Name Time
1 Icaruza 00:10:24.491 | 1 [Uncf] MAD123 00:12:43.074 | 1 FRRM 00:17:17.084
2 DeferredGull247 00:10:33.930 | 2 Icaruza 00:15:07.004 | 2 BushFlyin 00:17:23.241
3 Terminus 00:11:29.732 | 32 Roger Ramjet 00:15:29.000 |
4 [Uncf] N7JS 00:11:47.86 | 4 FRRM 00:19:25.063 |
5 Castle 00:12:23.915 | 5 Terminus 00:15:55.598 |
| 6 Merlin 00:16:46.354 |
| 7 Madmac 00:17:11.412 |

Q3 → Finish Line Leg:

TBM 930 | Extra 330LT | Pitts Special S2S
Position Name Time | Position Name Time | Position Name Time
1 DeferredGull247 00:09:29.474 | 1 [Uncf] MAD123 00:12:22.356 | 1 FRRM 00:15:52.262
2 Icaruza 00:09:39.572 | 2 Merlin 00:12:48.172 | 2 BushFlyin Crashed
3 Terminus 00:10:11.869 | 3 Icaruza 00:14:12.075 |
4 Castle 00:10:24.877 | 4 FRRM 00:14:28.491 |
5 [Uncf] N7JS 00:10:42.95 | 5 Terminus 00:14:56.151 |
| 6 Madmac 00:15:52.321 |
| 7 Roger Ramjet 00:17:19.742 |

Will it be streamed somehwere?

If people want they can stream but for now it is not planned that ATC people stream the race

Do we have to choose just one aircraft or can we fly in the Pitts first and than in the Extra again?

Yes you can fly a many times as you will

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Are these times in EDT since this is running on the East Coast server?

Or, noticing the underlining and popups on the times, are they dynamic to show the time in your location? Sorry, long time listener, first time caller.

Yes they are synced for your location. If you hover over them you will even have some timezone shown with the correct time

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For those that really want to feel the thrill of the race, challenge yourself to fly the race down on the deck, just above the water. Once your are that low, you will get a pretty good sensation of speed - but you will have to be on your game a little more to crank those turns without hitting the sides. For the people that are 2000’ above the bottom, it is just a boring ride that you can straighten out a lot. Good luck and enjoy!

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The real fun is down just above the river :slight_smile:
Try to stay lower than 500ft above the water.
Not the fastest path, but the way is the goal :stuck_out_tongue:

Off topic:
Need to find a way to listen to some Heavy Metal and ATC at the same time … :metal:t2:

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I might join in to photograph and stream the race!

Race is going on right now!

Amazing event! It was well run, and I appreciated all of the ATC services. Thanks guys! By the way, where is the leaderboard?

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Thank You For The Awesome Race People !
Enjoyed It SO MUCH :slight_smile: :smile:

Thanks guys, that was fun. Not used to flying that fluttery Pitts, fuel mismanagement and a solid face plant into the canyon wall ended my race earlier than I wanted. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to try to land that ■■■■ thing.

Click here: image

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I never did see any other aircraft (that I probably should have seen), I had flight conditions set to Live Players and Air Traffic set to Off. This was my first intentional multiplayer event, so did I screw up a setting somewhere?

I had great time. Thanks for all the effort and organization that you all put in. It made for a great event!. Note to self. Put extra fuel in the Extra 309 for next time. I ran out of gas within about 5 mins of the finish line… YIKES!

This was fun in the Pitts :stuck_out_tongue:
Now trying in the Extra